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Sandler relishes having her office within MoMA.

Photograph courtesy of Alexis Sandler


Solving legal challenges at MoMA


Shared Interest Group gatherings in Cambridge

May-June 2017

Overseers and HAA director candidates

May-June 2017

Harvard celebrates its volunteer alumni leaders.

March-April 2017

Harvard’s first University-wide Women’s Weekend

January-February 2017

The panelists, from left: Janet Rich-Edwards, Jessica Gelman, Daniel Peterson, and Shira Springer.

Photograph by Tony Rinaldo/Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

After the Harvard soccer scandal, a campus panel discussion on women and sports proves unexpectedly timely.


Kenji Yoshino ’91, president of the Board of Overseers
Courtesy of NYU Law

Moves to online voting—but raises threshold to petition for a place on the ballot.