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Yesterday's News
Yesterday's News


Professor Henry B. Bigelow (see "Vita") informs Bulletin readers of the assistance rendered by the Museum of Comparative Zoology's oceanography staff to the International Ice Patrol (formed after the Titanic disaster) and to the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries.


President emeritus A. Lawrence Lowell, already chairman of the Motion Picture Research Council, an independent body studying the effects of films on their audiences, especially children, declines publicly to serve as a member of the Moving Picture Code Authority, in part because the post "would give no opportunity for exercising any useful restraint upon the production of films demoralizing to the youth, and especially the children, of our people...."


The music department has placed in Widener a collection of recordings by nationally popular bands. These will be played in a series of weekly recitals that may be organized into an unofficial course sponsored by the department.


The "College Pump" reprints reflections from the Oregon Daily Journal on the election of Roger D. Lapham '05 as mayor of San Francisco. "We might expect two major developments around the Golden Gate...the substitution of baked beans for spaghetti as the traditional San Francisco dish [and] the introduction of the broad "a" on Market Street and along the Embarcadero...."


John D. Rockefeller Jr. has given approximately $1 million in securities to the Divinity School Fund. The fund's ultimate goal is an endowment of $7 million.


Josep Lluis Sert, dean of the Design School, tells the directors of the Alumni Association that Harvard must grow by developing better the land it has (including growing up into the air), while remaining ever alert to secure available contingent real estate. His own school, for example, needs a modern building to replace Hunt Hall.


Seeking to give more recent graduates a voice in alumni affairs, the Associated Harvard Alumni considers including on its directors' nominating committee a statutory member from one of the younger classes--perhaps the first marshal of the fifth reunion class.


Former Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox '34, LL.B. '37, has returned to the Law School, where he is Williston professor, to teach a course in administrative law. But lecturer James D. St. Clair, LL.B. '44, will not give his scheduled course in trial practice; he has been named chief attorney of President Richard Nixon's impeachment defense team.


A multimillion-dollar gift from an unnamed donor will fund a new building for the Fogg Museum, increasing its available space by more than 60 percent.


Intense opposition by Medical School faculty members has led Massachusetts General Hospital to drop a proposal to sell McLean Hospital to Hospital Corporation of America, the country's largest investor-owned hospital chain.

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