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A New Era: 1898-1918

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Baby Boom to Bust: 1953-1971

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Harvard Magazine

From the late 1950s through the early 1970s, this publication occasionally ran a collection titled "Harvard in Epigram," or, in its final year, simply "Epigrams." Now and then the editors mined the past, but more often they dipped into the stream of contemporary discourse.

Certain themes of the day recurred: change in a threatening world; the relationship between women and men; the inferiority of modern times to earlier eras; the superiority of Harvard to other educational institutions; the callowness of modern youth.

By its nature, the text was a gallimaufry. Its only discipline--mostly adhered to--was that the contents should be epigrams, a form described by Fitch Gibbens '18 in the November 24, 1962, issue as "wisdom sharpened to a point." Herewith, a selection; each epigram is followed by its date of publication.

— The Editors

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