Classified Display Ad Pricing and Sizes

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Classified Display Ad Pricing and Sizes

Classified display ads are designed ads that may contain colors, logos, or photographs in addition to text. They are available in increments of 1/4" (1-inch minimum), with a standard column width of 2 3/16". Display ads cannot be purchased using our online order form. Call 617-496-6686, Skype: hmagclassifieds or email for assistance.


Dimentions Available

1 inch ads

2.188" x 1"

2.188" x 1.25"

2.188" x 1.5"

2.188" x 1.75"

2 inch ads

2.188" x 2"

2.188" x 2.25"

2.188" x 2.5"

2.188" x 2.75"

3 inch ads

2.188" x 3"

2.188" x 3.25"

2.188" x 3.5"

2.188" x 3.75"

4 inch ads

2.188" x 4"

2.188" x 4.25"

2.188" x 4.5"

2.188" x 4.75"

1/6 page ads


2.188" x 4.75"


4.563" x 7.125"

1/3 page ads


2.188" x 9.625"


4.563" x 4.75"

half page ads


4.563" x 7.125"


7" x 4.75"

2/3 page ad


4.563" x 9.625"



full page ads

with bleed:

8.625" x 10.75"


8.375" x 10.5"




1 or 2 issues

$420 per column inch

3 issues

$378 per column inch (save 10%)

4 or 5 issues

$357 per column inch (save 15%)

6 issues

$336 per column inch (save 20%)

 Classified display ads must be "camera-ready," in order to avoid a design fee.

What does camera-ready mean?
Camera-ready means that your ad is designed to our exact specifications (listed above). It must have the correct dimensions and the resolution must be at least 300 dpi. (72 dpi - standard web resolution - is NOT sufficient for print. So please do not grab your photos from the web. Find and send the originals.) All text should be at least 6pt minimum - or 7 pt minimum for white type knocked out of a colored background. We can't guarantee the legibility of text smaller than 6pt (without a magnifying glass). If you would like an accurate representation of how your ad will look in the magazine, print it out on a home printer at 100%. Ads should be submitted in pdf format (pdfx-1a preferred) and should be emailed to If we have to edit or alter your ad in any way, it is not considered "camera-ready." If you do not understand these instructions, we encourage you to contact a design professional to help design your ad. Or you can use Harvard Magazine’s design services (more information about that below).  

Ad Design Policy:
New clients: If you don’t have a camera-ready ad and/or need assistance with design, Harvard Magazine offers design services for $70 per hour (1 hour minimum charge). You will need to provide us with the (hi-res) photos, logos, and text you wish to use in your ad. You can also give us specific instructions if you know exactly how you want your ad to look - or you can leave it up to our designer’s discretion. Click here to complete and submit our design request form
Renewing clients: You will have 2 opportunities to make changes to your existing ad - if you had Harvard Magazine create your ad - for no additional cost. You will be sent a first draft of your ad with your requested changes. You may approve the ad - or make one final edit - and then you will be sent the final version of your ad. If there are additional changes after that point, you will be charged the $70 per hour fee (1 hour minimum charge). No exceptions. Click here to complete and submit our design change request form.