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Obituaries in Harvard Magazine are free of charge and written by the obituaries editor, Alexandra Grimm. The information you provide will be used as a basis for the obituary, but not reprinted verbatim. Alexandra will contact you if she has a need for clarification or further information. The obituaries customarily include the following: (1) date and place of death; (2) a brief summary of career; (3) interests, passions, hobbies, publications, honors, military service, or other distinctions the alum would have liked to see mentioned; (4) the names of surviving spouse or partner, if any (including maiden name), children, parents, siblings, and grandparents.

The magazine prints obituaries principally for alumni/ae of Harvard College and Radcliffe College, and for alumni/ae of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences whose families or friends request a notice. Alumni of the professional schools alone (Law, Medicine, Education, Design, etc.) receive an edition of Harvard Magazine that does not include obituaries, so unless there is a specific reason for publishing a professional-school affiliate’s obituary in the magazine, families of those alumni will do better to submit obituaries to the alumni bulletins of the appropriate professional schools.

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We regret that we are unable to share obituary drafts in advance of publication.

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