Rudolph Tanzi: What Can People Do To Maintain Brain Health As They Age?

Maintaining brain health as we age—with Harvard Medical School neurologist Rudolph Tanzi.

Makeda Best: What Does Landscape Photography Say About Our Politics?

A discussion about how photography as an art form intersects with cultural history and social reform

Claudia Goldin: Why Do Women Still Make Less Than Men?

An overlooked reason why the gender earnings gap still exists—with Claudia Goldin, Henry Lee professor of economics

Jerrold Rosenbaum: Are Psychedelics an Effective Treatment for Mood Disorders?

Using psychedelics, such as magic mushrooms, to treat mood disorders—with Jerrold Rosenbaum, Stanley Cobb professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

Nicholas Stephanopoulos: Why Does Gerrymandering Matter So Much?

Understanding the impact of partisan gerrymandering: who is doing it, and why, and what might be done to stop it

Emily Broad Leib: What Can be Done About Food Waste?

Finding simple solutions to reduce food waste—with Emily Broad Leib, Clinical Professor of Law at Harvard Law School

Sandeep Robert Datta and Venkatesh Murthy: Why is Smell Such a Mystery to Scientists?

Discussing what scientists do and don’t understand about smell—and how COVID-19 changed the landscape—with neurobiologists Venkatesh Murthy and Sandeep Robert Datta

Michael Mina: Why do we still need rapid tests?

Discussing the use of rapid tests to protect the public health—with epidemiologist and immunologist Michael Mina.

Preview: Ask a Harvard Professor, Season Four

Gerrymandering, food waste, COVID-19, and more from the next season of Harvard Magazine’s podcast. 

Carrie Lambert-Beatty: What Happens When an Artwork Deceives Its Audience?

Exploring “parafiction” in contemporary art and our post-truth culture—with Carrie Lambert-Beatty, professor of the history of art and architecture and of art, film, and visual studies.

Francesca Dominici: How Does Air Pollution Affect COVID-19?

Discussing the link between air pollution and effects of COVID-19, and the importance of data for rapid public-health responses —with Francesca Dominici, professor of biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.