Science & Technology

Harvard Professor Bruce Schneier on AI Regulation and Data Protection Policies

Data protection policies in the United States and future regulatory change surrounding artificial intelligence.

Radcliffe Institute Announces 2024-2025 Fellows

Scholars will pursue interdisciplinary research on climate change, the Supreme Court, and more. 

by Nina Pasquini

Harvard Professor James Hanken on the Amphibian Extinction Crisis

Curator of Herpetology on where all the frogs are going

by Olivia Farrar

Proactive AI Policy

Businesses should start self-regulating before government intervention, argue Harvard professors.

by Nina Pasquini

Artificial Intelligence in the Academy

Harvard symposium assesses the new technology.

by Jonathan Shaw

Sam Altman’s Vision for the Future

OpenAI CEO on progress, safety, and policy

by Nina Pasquini

Talking About Tipping Points

Developing response capability for a climate emergency

by Jonathan Shaw

Quantum Leaps

Ballerina and quantum physicist Merritt Moore ’11 connects humans and machines.

by Nina Pasquini

Plants on a Changing Planet

How long will the world’s forests impound carbon below ground?

by Jonathan Shaw

AI: The Course

A new Harvard course on artificial intelligence teaches students how to use the tool responsibly.

by Jonathan Shaw

AI as Cancer Oracle?

How is artificial intelligence (AI) being used for cancer detection and prevention?

by Daniel Oberhaus