Commencement Confetti

Seniors’ work plans, Sasha stylin’, reunion sonnet, and more

The Week’s Words

Commencement rhetoric on threats to higher education, melding divergent views, doing good, and combating the loss of trust

Commencement 372 7/8

Harvard’s tumultuous year ends in modified festival rites, amid passionate protests.

by John S. Rosenberg

Honoris Causa

Harvard’s 2024 honorary degree recipients

Harvard Alumni Day with Courtney B. Vance

Protest interruptions and a call to do “the right thing” 

by Lydialyle Gibson

Heads of the Parade

And a precedent-setting eightieth Harvard reunion

by Nina Pasquini

Using the Law for Good

2024 Radcliffe Medalist Sonia Sotomayor on civic engagement and optimism

by Max J. Krupnick

Equality and Justice

A Radcliffe Day panel discusses pluralism and progress. 

by Nina Pasquini

Close Call

Ending a tumultuous year, Harvard tradition is served in the 373rd Commencement—with plenty of thunder from the stage.

by John S. Rosenberg , Max J. Krupnick

Protesters Walk Out of Harvard Commencement

Pro-Palestine activists hold “The People’s Commencement”

by Max J. Krupnick