Arts & Culture

Picasso at War

Harvard Art Museums exhibit on depictions of combat and revolution

by Nina Pasquini

Inside Harvard’s Taylor Swift Class

An English course pairs the music with Willa Cather, William Wordsworth, and Dolly Parton.

by Nina Pasquini

How to Prevent Cancer through Nutrition

Expert advice for daily life

by Jonathan Shaw

Go Wild

How often have you wandered the Arnold Arboretum or a Trustees property, longing to bring that serenity and lush beauty to your own yard? 

by Kara Baskin

Vacationing with a Purpose

New England “summer camps” for adults

by Nell Porter Brown

Capturing the American South

Photographs at the Addison Gallery of American Art 

by Nell Porter Brown

Mysterious Minis

Intricate mosaics shrouded in mystery

by Max J. Krupnick

At 75, Murray Dewart Reflects on His Career as a Sculptor

Thinking about what it means to be an artist through the years

by Isabel Mehta

The Essential Educator for His Time

A life of Princeton’s Bill Bowen

by Howard Gardner

Spellbound on Stage

Actor and young adult novelist Aislinn Brophy

by Lydialyle Gibson