Lydialyle Gibson

Academia’s Absence from Homelessness

“The lack of dedicated research funding in this area is a major, major problem.”

The Dark History Behind Chocolate

A Harvard course on the politics and culture of food

Harvard Portraitist Nina Skov Jensen Paints Celebrities and Princesses

Nina Skov Jensen ’25, portraitist for collectors and the princess of Denmark. 

Poet Cynthia Zarin's Debut Novel "Inverno"

Poet Cynthia Zarin ’81’s first novel Inverno, a study in yearning and desire.

How Homelessness is a Public Health Crisis

Homelessness has surged in the United States, with devastating effects on the public health system.

Reparations as Public Health

A Harvard forum on the racial health gap

Unionizing Harvard Academic Workers

Pay, child care, workplace protections at issue 

Facebook’s Failures

Author and tech journalist Jeff Horwitz speaks at Harvard.

The State of Black America

Harvard African American scholars take stock of a difficult moment. 

Threats Foreign and Domestic

Joseph Nye discusses geopolitics and Harvard’s challenges.

Spellbound on Stage

Actor and young adult novelist Aislinn Brophy

Peabody Museum Removes Native American Funerary Objects

Responds to federal rules requiring tribal consultation and consent