Cambridge 02138

Affirmative action, climate change, undergraduate options

Reading the Tea Leaves

The messages and meanings of Harvard’s presidential installations

In Defense of Liberal Arts

A semester abroad clarifies the value of the curriculum back home.

by Sofia Andrade

Yesterday’s News

A coin toss forecasts a surprising football score.

A “Scholar’s Scholar”

A profile of Harvard’s thirtieth president

by John S. Rosenberg

Getting Close, in Selma

Acting at a moment of conscience

by Drew Gilpin Faust

Arthur Augustus Johnson

Brief life of a Black baseball impresario: 1890-1951

by Kasey Uhlenhuth

Presidents’ Paths

Life decisions en route to Massachusetts Hall

by Primus VI

Cambridge 02138

Climate change, philanthropy, the GSAS naming gift

Not Sporting?

Crimson athletics meets the transfer portal, compensation for student names and images, different demographics, and other looming threats