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Harvard Authors’ Bookshelf

Harvard Authors' Bookshelf

The Woman in Green
Larry Lockridge, Ph.D. ’69
The last standalone yet interrelated novel of The Enigma Quartet. Artwork: Marcia Scanlon. “Brilliantly skewers the pretensions of our modern dystopian age with devastating humor.”—Robert J. Mrazek. Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

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Mean Circles
Gary W. Farneti ’71 
A taut read that’s well written and infused with greed, politics, murder, sex, and innocence lost. You are drawn in immediately with characters who are 3-dimensional and believable. Available on Amazon.com.

Hidden History of Cambridge & Harvard
Jane Merrill, M.A.T. ’71 
Do you know how the pasts of Harvard and Cambridge intertwine? This little book will explain it all. The author has written numerous cultural histories, two with John Endicott ’67.

A Friendship in Twilight
Jack Miles, Ph.D. '71 and Mark C. Taylor, Ph.D. '72 
The pandemic correspondence of two widely published public intellectuals, friends since the fateful Harvard year of 1968, sharing fears alongside dreams as only old friends can do.

Renegade for Justice
Stephen Lee Saltonstall ’67
Entertaining, enlightening courtroom war-stories by a defender of the defenseless: despised criminals, abused children, the poor, political activists, and Black Bears and neotropical songbirds. On Amazon.

Freddie’s Last Ride
M.A. Whelan, Ph.D. ’72, M.D. 
“...An unbelievably detailed and compelling chronology... that moves from one vivid scene to the next...The book is about justice and injustice...by a doctor who is both authoritative and dogged.”—Allan Ropper, M.D. Amazon

A History of Panama 1502-2002
Timothy C. Tyler, A.L.M. ’23 
This book is a history of Panama from its discovery by Spanish explorers to the turnover of the Panama Canal. It discusses the building of the Panama Canal, Manuel Noriega, the 1989 U.S. invasion, and the War on Drugs.

The Decline and Fall of the Shah
Timothy C. Tyler, A.L.M. ’23 
The story of the Iranian Revolution, the overthrow of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Iran. Discusses the seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and Iranian-American relations since 1979.

The Leadership PIN Code
Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim,
HNI ’16 
A unique and proven framework for negotiating and influencing in daily work. With 3 simple keys, you get what you need while also maintaining positive relationships.

The Resurrection of 
Fulgencio Ramirez
Rudy Ruiz ’90, M.P.P. ’93 
“With an atmospheric setting and beguiling prose…well-developed characters, and charming elements of magic realism, Ruiz conjures a magnetic story…”—ALA Booklist. RudyRuiz.com.

Valley of Shadows
Rudy Ruiz ’90, M.P.P. ’93 
“Ruiz’s engaging tale…is immersive and atmospheric. Ruiz deftly combines elements of romance, historical mystery, horror, and magical realism to deliver a richly satisfying adventure.”—ALA Booklist. RudyRuiz.com

Jonathan Bayliss ’47 
Reviewers compare this groundbreaking novel to works of Sterne, Melville, Joyce, Broch, and Musil. Experimental, playful, richly detailed, serious fiction. Available in paper and electronic editions. www.drawbridgepress.com

Courage and Justice
Richard Eisner, M.B.A. ’58 
Wrongfully convicted of a heinous crime, John Smith is reunited in prison with a man whose life he saved in Vietnam. Together, they confront demanding challenges that test their loyalty, courage, and individual strengths.

A Thousand Days of Tantra
Inside Three-Year Retreat
Keith H. Emmons ’70 
What happens in a secret tantra retreat? This recounting, in beautiful love- story verse, of partners in a three-year silent meditation retreat tells all that can be told. Amazon.

Otto & The White Dove
Ezra Mann
Foreword: Julia C. Davis ’73 and Terry McDermott
Edited by: Jeanne DeFazio
Afterword: David Groff 
Holocaust Survivor Otto Kruger shares his experience of God's love. 

The Upside of Inequality: 
How Good Intentions Undermine 
the Middle Class
Edward Conard, M.B.A. ’82 
Top Ten NY Times Best-selling Author Larry Summers: "a valuable contribution." www.EdwardConard.com. Available on Amazon, at local bookstores.

Pericles and Aspasia: A Novel of Ancient Greece
Yvonne Korshak ’58 
“MUST-READ"—Publishers Weekly BookLife: “A stellar evocation of the golden age of Athens, rich with historical insight.” FINALIST Chaucer Award for Early Historical Fiction.

The Degas Trove
Stephen Timbers, M.B.A. ’68 
Amateur sleuth Charlie Bailey helps the FBI identify the thief of his mother’s artworks and the murderer of his cousin. The solution to catching him may lie in finding a presumptive trove of Degas paintings lost for a century.

Marriages and Other Dilemmas
Collected Stories and a Memoir
Kitty Beer ’59 
Plain View Press 2022. “Funny, sad, sexy, dark and haunting...a living archive of her love of life...profoundly interesting and valuable. Bravo!” Catherine A. Hamilton, author of Victoria’s War.

Neil Giarratana, M.B.A. ’65 
A senior-level female banker at a private bank in Zurich goes to the dark side, then fights through murder, embezzlement, revenge, and fraud in her attempt to achieve redemption. In Bankhaus, redemption is the Eiger North Face.

Taken by the Shawnee
Sallie Bingham ’58 
A most unusual portrait of early America based on the author’s rare family document, in which a young mother’s years in captivity with the Shawnee prove to be the best years of her life. Available at bookshop.org.

Anne Buckle, Ed.M. ’12
Illustrated by Britt McDermott 
Based on the original song by the author, Firefly takes us on a magical journey that encourages us to take flight, shine our light, and make the most of our days. annebuckle.com/firefly

Dirty Science
Bob Gebelein ’56 
WINNER OF 4 BOOK AWARDS. Self-knowledge for academia: How dirty politics overpowers critical thinking and blocks academic freedom. Paperback, Kindle, and audiobook on Amazon.com 

Re-Educating Myself
Bob Gebelein ’56 
An epic search for a new civilization, showing how “human nature” itself can be changed. This second edition contains updated language and a preface with my thoughts since the book was first published. On Amazon.com.

Happiness and Survival
Bob Gebelein ’56 
For personal happiness and survival of the species, everybody needs to go to a psychotherapist. Severe criticism of the academic community for actually removing knowledge from our culture. Available at store.bookbaby.com.

The "Crime" of Francis Bacon
Edgar Kemler, M.P.A. ’41 
An informal biography of Francis Bacon, who was considered the father of the scientific method. It covers Bacon’s ascendance and fall from grace in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. The book is available on Amazon.

New York Women of Wit 
in the Twentieth Century
Sabrina Fuchs Abrams ’89 
Seen as too smart, too sassy, too sexy, and too strident, female humorists have been resisted. These foremothers of women’s humor used satire, irony, and wit as an indirect form of social protest.

Justice at Trial
Jim Brosnahan, LL.B. ’59 
A memoir of Jim’s 60 years of investigating and trying murders, presidential coverups, bank fraud, First Amendment cases, and Supreme Court arguments among other civil and criminal cases. Available on Amazon.

Kissinger's Betrayal: How America Lost the Vietnam War
Stephen B. Young ’67, J.D. ’74 
“Finally, the truth comes out.” Once secret files reveal a more accurate history of the behind-the-scenes of the Vietnam War. Available from Amplify Publishing and Amazon.

Papa's Message in a Bottle 
(for coming-of-age-grandchildren)
J.R. Quirk ’73 
Our generation handed our grandchildren a world where religion and science are often in conflict. One cannot find truth in one without the other. Paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

Animal Stories: 
Lives at a Farm Sanctuary
William Craine ’65 
Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary provides a life-long home to farmed animals rescued from slaughter or abandonment. These are the animals’ stories. Written for adults but can be read to children.

Tommy Dash: Was It Everything I Said?
Bill Scheft ’79 
In Scheft's 5th novel (and 1st audiobook), an unapologetic 60-year-old comic tries to apologize his way back into show business. "Vintage Scheft! Loved it, but that's a given...."—Larry David

Einstein: The Man and His Mind
Gary S. Berger ’64 
Winner of multiple book awards. Deluxe edition visual biography captures the essence of the man whose thought and imagination transformed our understanding of the universe. An inspiring graduation gift. 

Eva & Otto, 
Resistance, Refugees, and Love 
in the Time of Hitler
Tom Pfister, J.D. ’73, 
and siblings Kathy and Peter 
True story about two Germans, one born Jewish, one born Catholic, whose courageous resistance against fascism was sustained by their enduring love.

The Artistic Eye
Michael F. Marmor ’62, M.D. ’66 
and James G. Ravin, M.D. 
This book shows 250 paintings and takes a fresh look at how art is made and viewed. Understanding how the eye interprets images will enhance one’s appreciation of art.

An African American Philosophy of Medicine
Frederick Newsome ’68, M.D. 
2nd edition. Race, medical knowledge and history examined. Meaning and purpose in medicine deriving from the author’s life as an African American physician in Harlem, NY, and West Africa.

Architecture as Art: The Work of Stephen M. Sullivan
Stephen M. Sullivan, M.Arch. ’81 
Illustrates the author’s residential architectural practice based in the Pacific Northwest and his design philosophy based on the classics of Western architecture and traditions of Japan.

Mergers & Acquisitions Cybersecurity: The Framework For Maximizing Value
Lawrence Grant, A.L.M. ’22 
Companies face elevated financial risks during M&A. The Mergers & Acquisitions Cybersecurity Framework (MAC-F™) closes the gaps not covered by ordinary security programs. Available on Amazon.

Art of the Heart
Jay H. Kleiman, M.P.A. 98 
As Medicine hurtles forward with technology and corporate care delivery, the chasm between doctor and patient widens. Rediscover the spiritual connection elevating medicine to a “calling”. Amazon or Ingram Sparks.

Thundering Courage
Terry C. Pierce, D.P.A. ’01 
Custer's last stand at Little Bighorn was an epic defeat. But thirteen years earlier at Gettysburg the boy general disobeyed orders twice and saved the Union right flank by leading one of the greatest cavalry charges in history.

In the Presence of Chad Himself: 
The Ambassadors Retold
J. S. Berkman ’77, J.D. ’82
Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked, says: “You’ve done an amazing job...perfectly in charge of the narrative...it is succeeding wildly...and I’m delighted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.”

The Selfish Path to Romance
Edwin A. Locke ’60 and Ellen Kenner 
Most people believe that altruism is the key to romantic happiness, with the woman sacrificing to the man (who may be narcissists). This book shows that mutual support works better.

The Illusion of Determinism:
Why Free Will Is Real and Causal
Edwin A. Locke ’60 The doctrine of determinism is self-refuting, and free will is a form of causality involving the capacity to choose to focus one’s mind at the conceptual level or to evade the effort.

The Back Bay Collection
Seaboard Poems
Howell Rogers ’11 
Sailing & the eastern seaboard are inspiration for shared connections. Poems of romance and unrequited love, nostalgia and spirituality, patriots and kinships. 20th & 21st c. photos. Amazon.

The Mary Magdalene Oracle
Meggan Watterson, M.T.S. ’01 
The oracle reveals key aspects of the spiritual transformation that the Gospel of Mary seeks to inspire within us. Moving us from separation—represented in the seven powers of the ego—to the freedom of remembering the soul.

America's Fiscal Constitution: 
Its Triumph and Collapse
Bill White ’76 
A critically acclaimed history of how America limited use of debt to finance routine federal expenses, and how those limits quietly collapsed after 2000 and might yet be restored. Amazon.

Healthcare in America: 
Looking Back to Move Forward
Mary A. Flowers, G ’74, M.D. ’78 
Uses wisdom from the past to address current healthcare issues and proposes ways we can achieve quality universal healthcare. Coming soon. www.drmaryaflowers.com or wherever books are sold.

Revitalizing the World Trading System
Alan Wm. Wolff ’63 
One of Best Books of 2023-Economics. Financial Times. “The definitive guide to the past present and future of the multilateral trading system.”—Martin Wolf Financial Times.

Did You Expect Just the Usual Rose?
Selected Poems
Paul Highby ’68 
The author’s unique perspective from the whimsical—the crocodile who wears Crocs™—to the serious—the dreamer who comments that “you must die to visit the dead.” On Amazon.

Fortunate Daughter:
A Memoir of Reconciliation
Rosie McMahan Ed.M. ’93 
Awarded First Place in the Chanticleer Int’l Book Awards. First-person narrative of childhood abuse followed by the difficult task of healing. Must read for anyone committed to acting with hope.

Spring-heeled Jack or The Terror of Louisville Part 1
Ridley Barnett, A.L.M. ’23 
(pen name of vetted alum) 
Louisville police officer William Quillo is caught between an English legend and a secret society in this thrilling story based on true events. On Amazon.

Beyond the Scale byElle Arieu

Beyond the Scale
Elle Arieu, EXT ’06, RD
Everyone can lose weight. Only a few can sustain it. Human physiology, neurology, and psychology explain how the science behind weight loss affects our ability to lose weight efficiently. 7 principles you wish you knew before dieting.

Federal Taxation in America
W. Elliot Brownlee '63 
Inviting, concise, and comprehensive history of American taxation from the American Revolution into the current fiscal paralysis. Explores dynamics among taxes, spending, deficits, and debt. 3rd edition, Cambridge U. Press (2016).

Hamlet on the Couch
James Groves ’68, M.D. ’72 
Weaves a close reading of Shakespeare’s Hamlet with a large variety of contemporary psychoanalytic and psychological theory, looking at the interplay of ideas between the two. Available on Amazon.

A Long Time Coming:
A Lyrical Biography of Race in America from Ona Judge to Barack Obama
Ray Anthony Shepard, M.A.T. ’71 
The struggles of six Black Americans from different eras. The story of heroes whose love of justice changed America.

Starting with Whitehead:
Raising Children to Thrive in Treacherous Times
Lynn Sargent De Jonghe ’64 
This widely praised book invokes the philosophy of A.N. Whitehead, elaborating his helical learning, process involving romance, precision, and generalization. 

Revolution: A Call to Turn Back the Lawless Left And Restore the Promise of America
Kennerly Davis, J.D. ’74 
The principles and institutions of America’s Founding and constitutional system of government are not the problem. They are the solution to our problems!

Stories From the Starting Line
Tom Raffio ’78 with Ellen Raffio
and Erika Alison Cohen
Tom Raffio, President & CEO, Northeast Delta Dental, his wife Ellen, and Erika, all avid runners, share conversations with marathon winners, elite racers and everyday joggers.

Running Toward Fire: 
Following the Warrior Path
Nate Boaz, M.B.A. ’06 
Gripping memoir about a Marine's transformative journey through a labyrinth of war and its aftermath. Themes of courage, sacrifice, and individuation. BarstoolBallads.com and Amazon.

The Coach Who Strangled the Bulldog: How Harvard's Percy Haughton Beat Yale and Reinvented Football byDick Friedman

The Coach Who Strangled the Bulldog: 
How Harvard's Percy Haughton Beat Yale and Reinvented Football
Dick Friedman ’73 
The Crimson's first gridiron glory era, chronicled by Harvard Magazine's football correspondent.

Abraham Lincoln and Making a Case: The Story of a Master
Joseph F. Roda ’71 
Explore Lincoln's remarkable talent for persuasion in this debut scholarly work. "An analysis of the president's oratorical prowess as astute as any other single-volume treatment." Kirkus Reviews

Working with Humans:
Tools You Didn’t Know
You Needed for Conversations 
You Never Expected to Have
Laura Crandall, Ed.M. ’09 
Gives you tools needed to break the cycle of annoyance in the workplace. Available at workingwithhumans.com.

The Doctor’s Note
Oscar Ellison III ’75, M.D. 
Secure your health and longevity with this user-friendly medical guide and log for patients or caregivers, for routine or emergency use. Make this your resource and electronic record backup. Available on Amazon.

The End of Meaning: Cultural Change in America Since 1945
William Sikes, M.Div. ’74, Ph.D. 
Chronicles the dramatic decline of experiences that give life meaning and ponders the significance of this loss for society—and our humanity. Available Wipf and Stock late April.

The Prisoner of Secrets
John Lockton, J.D. ’62 
Gas chambers, concentration camps, data on racial background, forced sterilization-all ideas from America. The story weaves in the passage of these ideas to Germany and the consequences in one small school. Available on Amazon.

Robert J. McCunney, M.P.H. ’81 
The investigation of a rare and potentially fatal blood disease, the development of an unexpected romance, and international terrorism converge with explosive consequences in this medical thriller. Available on Amazon.