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The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class
Edward Conard, M.B.A. ’82

Top Ten NY Times Best-selling Author Larry Summers: "a valuable contribution." Available on Amazon, at local bookstores.
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Summing Up: A Professional Memoir
Bertram Fields, J.D. ’52

A delightfully readable tour of a remarkable career among the rich and famous. Fields has spent his entire professional career as an attorney. Get it on Amazon.
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Gloriana: Exploring The Reign Of Elizabeth I
Bertram Fields, J.D. ’52

A breathless account of Elizabeth’s rise to power. Was she “The Virgin Queen”? Did she sanction murder? Fully illustrated in color. Get it at Amazon.
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Shylock: His Own Story
Bertram Fields, J.D. ’52

Now, Bertram Fields gives us Shakespeare's enigmatic Shylock's full story, his dangerous background, his loves and challenges, and his motivation for the demand of a pound of flesh. Get it at Amazon.
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Destiny: A Novel of Napoleon & Josephine
Bertram Fields, J.D. ’52

Napoleon & Josephine. A story of loyalty, betrayal, and tempestuous love set against a sweeping background of intrigue, terror and war. Get it at Amazon.
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Creativity: Where Poems Begin
Mary Mackey ’66

A book for anyone who wants to understand how bursts of insight come to us all. “A monumental achievement.”—D. Nurkse “Sensuous, compassionate, and utterly unflinching.”—Jane Hirshfield. Amazon &
(Click photo to enlarge)

Damaged Heritage: The Elaine Race Massacre and a Story of Reconciliation
J. Chester Johnson ’66

Amazon Bestseller & on a Goodreads' list of Best Nonfiction Books. An American race massacre & racial reconciliation. Pegasus/Simon & Schuster.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Course Design Formula: How to Teach Anything to Anyone Online
Rebecca Frost Cuevas ’76

This award-winning book helps make the online course creation process fast, effective, and simple to apply to your specific content and target audience.
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Nancy | Nianci: A Story of Wars
Ann Bennett Spence, A.M. ’69
(pen name Bian An)

During the Japanese invasion of China in the 1930s, a young woman faces critical choices driven by war and by the Cold War between China and the U.S. Her decisions cannot be undone.
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The One-Hour Miracle: A 5-Step Process to Guide Your Self-Healing
Andrew Hahn ’79 andJoan Beckett, L.M.H.C., MBA

A revolutionary healing framework that is a blueprint for transforming most problems. HCI Books.
(Click photo to enlarge)

The Lost Boy of Triletus (Book 1 of the Tales of Triletus)
Wally Larson, Jr. ’95

The series features joy and gentleness. Fairies, dragons, and knights. Light pushing back the darkness. In Book 1, a couple takes in a boy, not realizing he is their future king. Available on Amazon.
(Click photo to enlarge)

The Orphans of Davenport
Marilyn Brookwood Ed.M. '08

How a band of young psychologists in 1930s Iowa shattered the nature-versus-nurture debate and overthrew long-accepted racist and classist views of childhood development. “This spirited history soars.” Publishers’ Weekly.
(Click photo to enlarge)

American Schism: How the Two Enlightenments Hold the Secret to Healing Our Nation
Seth Radwell, M.P.P. ’89

Radwell clearly links the fascinating history of the two American Enlightenments to today’s raging political division. 2022 International Book Award for Best General Nonfiction.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Warp Speed: Inside the Operation That Beat COVID, the Critics, and the Odds
Paul Mango, M.B.A. ’88

The thrilling story of the most successful public-private partnership since WW II. How to lead in a crisis, structure and enable a transformative team.
(Click photo to enlarge)

A Letter to My White Friends and Colleagues
Steven S. Rogers, M.B.A. ’85

The root cause of problems between Blacks and whites in America is due to the wealth gap. Facts, data, and anecdotes explain how the wealth gap was created. Offers 4 steps to close the gap.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Successful Black Entrepreneurs
Steven S. Rogers, M.B.A. ’85

The history of Black entrepreneurship in America, from slavery to the present. Brilliant Black men and women who pursued entrepreneurship via start-ups, acquisitions, and franchising. Uses the author’s HBS case studies.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Courage, Innovation, and Discovery in the Development of a Medical Career
Richard D. Budson ’57, M.D.

An inspiration for new medical trainees to believe in their own ideas and partner with faculty. Purchase this book at
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Fin Tales: Saving Cadillac, America's Luxury Icon
John Smith, M.B.A. ’76

An “inside baseball” account of turningaround this storied brand in the late '90s, once the quintessential expression of success in America. Available from Amazon starting May 24.
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A Ramble Through My Youth: A Candid Memoir
David Joel Steinberg ’59, A.M. ’63, Ph.D. ’64

The author’s story growing up in mid-20th century New York as the younger son of renowned rabbi of the Park Avenue Synagogue, Milton Steinberg.
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Preface to the Future: A History of Long Island University Through the Turbulent Sixties
David Joel Steinberg ’59, A.M. ’63, Ph.D. ’64
Chronicles the complex history of one of Long Island's most important Institutions, its first chartered university.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Odyssey's Child
John Lockton, LL.B. ’62

Life of Pi set in the Caribbean, a small boat on an amazing two-month voyage, an evil man as dangerous as the tiger in Life of Pi, a youngster his prey, a Black sailor trying to protect him, deadly perils, murder waiting. On
(Click photo to enlarge)

Forever Young: How Six Great Individuals Have Drawn upon the Powers of Childhood and How We Can Follow Their Lead
William Crain ’65

Inspiring stories of Thoreau, Einstein, Charlotte Bronte, Howard Thurman, Jane Goodall, and Rachel Carson.
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Prepare for Crisis, Plan to Thrive:The Inside Story of How One Company Did It Right
Tom Raffio, FMLI ’78 and Diane H. Schmalensee

Available at The Bookery (Manchester, NH), Gibson’s Bookstore (Concord, NH), and
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There Are No Do-Overs: The Big Red Factors for Sustaining a Business Long Term
Tom Raffio, FLMI ’78, Dave Cowens and Barbara McLaughlin
Insight on creating a winning team at the office by reviewing lessons from the basketball court.
(Click photo to enlarge)

My Thirty-First Year (And Other Calamities)
Emily Wolf, J.D. ’04

The messy stuff of young womanhood—abortion, sex, dating, societal expectations—told with a healthy dose of humor. For more information, visit:
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Health Matters: A New View of Human History
George J. Hill, M.D. ’57

The primary goal of humans, from cave dwellers until now, has been the search for good health and long life—to avoid illness, treat disease and injuries, and delay death. Heritage Books (2021).
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How I Predicted the Injury to President Reagan Sixteen Years Before the Event
Karl Meyer ’77

The genesis of an experiment to discover whether Our Creator endowed the author with a right to liberty from school attendance. On
(Click photo to enlarge)

Caesar Obsessed
An Historical Novel
Anthony R. Licata, J.D. ’79

Why did Caesar build a bridge over the Rhine River in only ten days? Could a woman have been involved? Offers an engrossing tale of what really happened. Get it on Amazon.
(Click photo to enlarge)

These Walls Between Us: A Memoir of Friendship Across Race and Class
Wendy Coppedge Sanford ’66, M.T.S. ’80

From an author of Our Bodies, Ourselves, a gift for every white friend who cares about ending racism.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Ten Interesting People
Gregory Curtis, J.D. ’74

Exceptional people the author has encountered, often in amusing circumstances. Famous or obscure, they led fascinating lives—lives that may hold lessons for all of us. Visit:
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Ancient Explorers and Their Amazing Maps
Leslie Trager, LL.B. ’62

Accurate early European maps of the Mediterranean and North Africa turn out to be copies from 5000 years ago and the ones of Americas and Antarctica are from 3700 years ago.
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Boeing Metamorphosis
Launching the 737 and 747, 1965-1969
John Andrew, M.B.A. ’59 and John Fredrickson

Describes the transformation of Boeing from military contracting to commercial aviation giant. On
(Click photo to enlarge)

Not Your Father's America
A Memoir
Cort Casady ’68

An engaging and humorous family story that combines the journey of raising triplets with an insightful commentary about the America they’re inheriting. Pre-Order Now.
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Dirty Science
Bob Gebelein ’56

WINNER OF 4 BOOK AWARDS. Self-knowledge for academia: How dirty politics overpowers critical thinking and blocks academic freedom. Paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook on
(Click photo to enlarge)

Re-Educating Myself
Bob Gebelein ’56

An epic search for a new civilization, showing how “human nature” itself can be changed. This second edition contains updated language and a preface with my thoughts since the book was first published. On
(Click photo to enlarge)

Aging with a Plan: How a Little Thought Today Can Vastly Improve Your Tomorrow
Sharona Hoffman, J.D. ’88

A comprehensive, concise, and engaging resource addressing legal, medical, financial, social, and other challenges of aging and caregiving. Get it on Amazon.
(Click photo to enlarge)

100 Teaching Ideas that Transfer and Transform Learning:
Expanding Your Repertoire
Frank T. Lyman, Jr., Ed.M. ’60

A collection of insights from 36 years in teaching and teacher education. Routledge Press, 2022. Think-Pair-Share.
(Click photo to enlarge)

A Black Intellectual's Odyssey: From a Pennsylvania Mill Town to the Ivy League
Martin Kilson, A.M. ’58, Ph.D. ’59

In addition to Martin Kilson's text, there are contributions from three of his former students: Cornel West, Stefano Harney, and Fred Moten.
(Click photo to enlarge)

A Death at the Potawatomi Club
Stephen Timbers, M.B.A. ’68

Investment manager, Charlie Bailey, finds it necessary to hunt down the murderer of his friend and client. Danger and surprise engulf his every move. A compelling thriller. Available on Amazon and at
(Click photo to enlarge)

Restart: 51
What's the Right Way to Turn on the High Beams of My Life?
Daniel Kim, A.L.M. ’20

A compelling story of how the author graduated from Harvard at fifty-one. This book will inspire you to design a better future. Available on Amazon.
(Click photo to enlarge)

My Neighbor, My Self
Beginning Reflections on a Spirituality of Service
Elise Chase ’65

Discovering spiritual growth through helping relationships with others. Practical guidance, reflective insights, shared stories. See more on Amazon
(Click photo to enlarge)

Loving An Addict
Alyssa Phillips (pen name of ’65 alum)

52 spiritual reflections on living with an addicted loved one, drawing hope and inspiration from 12 Step insights. Winner, 2015 USA Best Book Award Religion, Christianity. See Amazon
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The Christian World Liberation Front
Julia C Davis Ed.M. ’73 and Jeanne DeFazio

This book is a retrospective and model for the postmodern church for revival and reform containing actual primary source quotations from all those involved.
(Click photo to enlarge)

The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez
Rudy Ruiz ’90, M.P.P. ’93

“With an atmospheric setting and beguiling prose…well-developed characters, and charming elements of magic realism, Ruiz conjures a magnetic story…”—ALA Booklist.
(Click photo to enlarge)

The Change Guidebook
Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, H.B.S. Online Leadership, 2020

If you are seeking change and want to align with your highest purpose, the power is in your hands. A framework for crafting a new way to move through the world and inhabit our lives.
(Click photo to enlarge)

How To Be a Quantum Mechanic
Charles Wohl ’58

Upper-division text. Wave-particle duality through the Dirac equation. All usual subjects, including EPR & Bell, Einstein A & B, 3D scattering. Examples lead. Author taught for 40 years at Berkeley. Available at CRC Press.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Editors: Marcelo Suárez-Orozco, former Professor HGSE & Carola Suárez-Orozco, Professor HGSE

In an age of catastrophes, how can education be reimagined? This book discusses a new approach that responds to these crises.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Our Common Ground: A History of America’s Public Lands
John D. Leshy ’66, J.D. ’69

“A much-needed chronicle” (Dayton Duncan) of America’s decisions to hold and manage for the common good nearly a third of the nation’s lands.
(Click photo to enlarge)

What They Do Not Teach You at Harvard Divinity School: The Minister's Manual
Dr. Samuel White, III, M.T.S. ’83

The Minister’s Manual informs clergy and laity on the “how-to” of the ministry. It is available on, B&N and
(Click photo to enlarge)

Find Your Mini Pumpkin
Victoria Short, Ed.M. ’99

Whether you're a graduate embarking on a new path or are simply looking for encouragement and direction, you'll love the wisdom in this creative and encouraging guide to living authentically. Available on Amazon.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Moral Development in Couple Therapy
A New Approach to Kohlberg's Stages
Steven I. Ries, Ed.D. ’81

How Kohlberg’s stages can be effectively applied to couple and marriage therapy. Routledge Press. On Amazon.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Haydn's and Mozart's Sonata Styles: A Comparison
John Harutunian, G ’70

A comparison of two musical giants. It shows how their styles, though superficially similar, are radically different on closer examination. Available on Amazon. Edwin Mellen Press.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Out of Wedlock
Larry Lockridge, Ph.D. ’69

Third of four stand-alone yet interrelated satirical novels. Artwork, Marcia Scanlon. “Larry Lockridge is our Voltaire and Out of Wedlock is his Candide,” Rebecca Newberger Goldstein. Amazon, B&N.
(Click photo to enlarge)

A Crispy Chicken Sandwich
R.D. Graddis, J.D. ’70

Reviews: “A well-crafted collection of beautifully written and...quite moving stories...” “the writing is exquisite...” “A witty, wry, no-holds-barred view of the human condition in the tradition of Raymond Carver.” Amazon Books.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Relationship Power in Health Care
John B. Livingstone, M.D. ’58 and Joanne Gaffney, RN, LICSW

Text and video demos show new science-based relationship skills proven to enhance health care outcome and clinician emotional self-care. On Amazon.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Skirting History: Holocaust Refugee to Dissenting Citizen
Eva S. Moseley, A.M. ’55

Three generations of absent fathers, public events affecting private lives, and changing views of Jewishness frame this memoir. The author was a curator at Radcliffe’s Schlesinger Library.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Dark Sonnet
Tom McCarthy, Ph.D. ’92 and Bill Dohar

Oxford. Murder. A coded manuscript. The first in a new series of puzzle-box thrillers featuring a badass ex-Jesuit with a Ph.D. who hunts priceless artifacts. Eco meets Brown. On Amazon.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Family Caregivers: An Emotional Survival Guide
Connie Baher, M.B.A. ’80

Real-life tools, frank talk, and insights from family caregivers and seasoned experts. How to make it through the toughest, and possibly most meaningful, job you’ll ever have. On Amazon.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Marriages and Other Dilemmas
Collected Stories and a Memoir
Kitty Beer ’59

Plain View Press 2022. “Funny, sad, sexy, dark and haunting...a living archive of her love of life...profoundly interesting and valuable. Bravo!” Catherine A. Hamilton, author of Victoria’s War.
(Click photo to enlarge)

The Quiltmakers: The Art of Hearing a Black Woman’s Cry
Byron “B.K.” Edmond, M.D. ’90 and Cassandra Edmond

This short fictional story weaves a tale that explores the problem of Black maternal death from a softer, yet effective, teaching angle. On Amazon.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Federal Taxation in America
W. Elliot Brownlee '63

Inviting, concise, and comprehensive history of American taxation from American Revolution into the current fiscal paralysis. Explores dynamics among taxes, spending, deficits, and debt. Third edition, Cambridge University Press (2016).
(Click photo to enlarge)

The Tragedy of Orenthal, Prince of Brentwood
Michael W. Monk ’71

Outstanding Book of the Year in 2014 by the Independent Publisher Book Awards. The O.J. Simpson trial and preceding events, told in the style of Shakespeare, in iambic pentameter.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Valley of Shadows
Rudy Ruiz ’90, M.P.P. ’93

“Ruiz’s engaging tale…is immersive and atmospheric. Ruiz deftly combines elements of romance, historical mystery, horror and magical realism to deliver a richly satisfying adventure.”—ALA Booklist.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Business Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know
J.S. Nelson, J.D. ’01 & Lynn A. Stout

What should we do when ethical lines are crossed? Practical advice in an accessible question-and-answer format. Oxford U. Press. Available wherever books are sold.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Golden: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise
Justin Zorn, M.P.P. ’12 and Leigh Marz

A field guide for navigating the noise of the modern world—not just the noise in our ears but also on our screens and in our heads. Harper Collins.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Conscious Accountability
Daryn David ’99, David Tate, and Marianne Pantalon

Elevate your leadership and the teams you manage—including in healthcare and academia—by adopting the 7-step CONNECT model for intentional, constructive engagement/collaboration.
(Click photo to enlarge)

The Leadership PIN Code
Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim, HNI ’16

A unique and proven framework for negotiating and influencing in daily work. With 3 simple keys, you get what you need while also maintaining positive relationships.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Healthcare in America: Looking Back to Move Forward
Mary A. Flowers, G ’74, M.D. ’78

Uses wisdom from the past to address current healthcare issues and proposes ways we can achieve quality universal healthcare. Coming soon. Visit:
(Click photo to enlarge)

The World Becomes What We Teach
Zoe Weil, M.T.S. ’88

#1 Amazon Best Seller on how we can—and must—transform education to teach a generation of solutionaries how to create a just, healthy, and humane world. New revised edition.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Kathy Hurley, ALI ’14, and Dr. Barbara Kurshan
With Laura Smulian

A look at the entrepreneurial mindset of female leaders including Harvard ALI 2014 graduates Lezli Baskerville, Margaret Huber, and Mary Louise Cohen.
(Click photo to enlarge)

The Selfish Path to Romance
Edwin A. Locke ’60 and Ellen Kenner

Most people believe that altruism is the key to romantic happiness with the woman sacrificing to the man (who may be a narcissist). This book shows that mutual support works better.
(Click photo to enlarge)

The Illusion of DeterminismWhy Free Will Is Real and Causal
Edwin A. Locke ’60

The doctrine of determinism is self-refuting and free will is a form of causality involving the capacity to choose to focus one’s mind at the conceptual level or to evade the effort.
(Click photo to enlarge)

The End of Adolescence: The Lost Art of Delaying Adulthood
Nancy Hill, A.M. ’09 and Alexis Redding ’98, Ed.D. ’18

From a lost archive of interviews with Harvard and Radcliffe students in the class of 1975 we learn how to better support today's young adults.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Different Drummer:
A Cardiologist’s Memoir of Imperfect Heroes and
Care for the Heart
Douglass Andrew Morrison ’69
Highlights the importance of mental health care for providers and the role of the VA in clinical research and training.
(Click photo to enlarge)

The Unlikely Art of Parental Pressure
Dr. Christopher Thurber ’91 and Dr. Hendrie Weisinger

Parents have an instinctive drive to pressure their offspring to succeed, but the wrong kind of pressure creates serious mental health problems.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Madness & Glory
Albert Rothenberg ’52, M.D.,H.M.S. Professor

Philippe Pinel, the father of modern psychiatry, struck the chains from the mentally ill during the French Revolution. Available as La Folie et La Gloire. Being adapted for a movie or tv series.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Unchecked: The Untold Story Behind Congress’s Botched Impeachments of Donald Trump
Karoun Demirjian ’03 and Rachael Bade

The definitive insider account of both Trump impeachments as told by The Washington Post & Politico reporters.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Misunderstanding Health
Rohit Khanna, M.P.H. ’19

Examines some of today's most revealing health care trends while imploring us to look at these issues with alacrity, humor, and vigilance. Each chapter covers a familiar aspect of health care in a clear and succinct way.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Woodsqueer: Crafting a Sustainable Rural Life
Gretchen Legler, M.Div. ’20

An antidote for the frenzied consumer culture of our day, this fearless memoir of 21st-century homesteading chronicles the life of two women on a small New England farm. Trinity U. Press.
(Click photo to enlarge)

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