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Harvard Authors' Bookshelf

To purchase a book, click on the book's title which is noted in red and you will be connected to Amazon, the publisher's webiste or the author's website, whichever the author has chosen as their preference. Thank you for supporting our Harvard alumni, faculty and staff authors!

The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class
Edward Conard, M.B.A. ’82

Top Ten NY Times Bestselling Author. Larry Summers: "a valuable contribution." Available on Amazon, at local bookstores.
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The Mithras Conspiracy
Michael J. Polelle, J.D. ’63

When Detective Leone finds a Vatican scholar dead in the Tiber, he must overcome a neo-fascist conspiracy inspired by the Mithras cult. The plotters threaten to topple the Italian government and unsettle Christianity. On Amazon.
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Summing Up: A Professional Memoir
Bertram Fields, J.D. ’52

A delightfully readable tour of a remarkable career among the rich and famous. Fields has spent his entire professional career as an attorney. Get it at Marmont Lane Books.
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Gloriana: Exploring The Reign Of Elizabeth I
Bertram Fields, J.D. ’52

A breathless account of Elizabeth’s rise to power. Was she “The Virgin Queen?” Did she sanction murder? Fully illustrated in color. Get it at Amazon.
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Shylock: His Own Story
Bertram Fields, J.D. ’52

Now, Bertram Fields gives us Shakespeare's enigmatic Shylock's full story, his dangerous background, his loves and challenges, and his motivation for the demand of a pound of flesh. Get it at Amazon.
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Destiny: A Novel of Napoleon & Josephine
Bertram Fields, J.D. ’52

Napoleon & Josephine. A story of loyalty, betrayal, and tempestuous love set against a sweeping background of intrigue, terror and war. Get it at Amazon.
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The Ninth Amendment, The Benchwarmer
Judge Howard Lewis Fink (ret.), LL.B. ’60

"What is the Ninth Amendment, why hasn't it been used and how can it protect your liberty?" Available at Shakespeare & Co., NYC.
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Max Goes To The Farm
Mary A. Flowers, G ’74, M.D. ’78

Illustrated by Cristal Baldwin. This is the first children's book written by Dr. Flowers. It teaches children the value of persistence and acceptance of their own shortcomings and those of others. Available on
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Damaged Heritage: The Elaine Race Massacre and A Story of Reconciliation
J. Chester Johnson ’66

Out of arguably the worst race massacre in our country’s history, a story of racial reconciliation emerges a century later. Publishing May 5, 2020 by Pegasus Books.
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Morality: A Natural History
Roger Moseley, M.D. ’59

A multi-disciplinary approach that reveals a common thread among the seemingly diverse fields of philosophy, neuroscience, experimental psychology, game theory, religion, child development, and evolutionary biology.
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Split Rock: A Martha's Vineyard Novel
Holly Hodder Eger ’82

"A very Vineyard book...a great, moving read." Carly Simon. Winner, International Book Awards, Best Women's Fiction. "Intelligent, sensitive storytelling with a strong sense of place" (Kirkus Reviews).
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Heroes and Scoundrels
Edward Seaton '65

The “heroes” are largely the courageous newspaper editors and reporters who have risked their lives to provide a free press in their countries. The “scoundrels” are mostly dictators who have sought to suppress the press.
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The Case Method Miracle
Anne Ylipahkala Jones, M.B.A. ’97

A comprehensive guide to use the HBS case method in a simplified format with children. Anyone can tell a one-minute story with a question in the end. Kids get grit and wise judgment. Shop on
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The Illusion of Determinism: Why Free Will Is Real and Casual
Edwin A. Locke ’60

The doctrine of determinism is self-refuting and free will is a form of causality involving the capacity to choose to focus one’s mind at the conceptual level or to evade the effort.
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The American Way of Empire: How America Won a World—But Lost Her Way
James Kurth, Ph.D. ’68

“A remarkably comprehensive account of the history of American foreign policy, coupled with unflinching predictions of its future.” (Kirkus Reviews)
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Public Characters: The Politics of Reputation and Blame
James M. Jasper ’79

The author and collaborators look at how we carefully construct victims, villains, heroes, and minions as a means to promote political programs of every sort. Available at Amazon.
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The Art of Printing the Phaistos Disk
Wilmer M. Kendrick G ’67, M.Div. ’73, Ph.D.

Detailed information on the printing and reading of the Phaistos Disk believed to date from the middle or late Minoan Bronze Age.
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Fighting Pollution and Climate Change
Richard W. Emory, Jr., J.D. ’67

By our nation’s former top lawyer for EPA criminal investigations, a guide to saving our life on Earth. Learn more and get the book at
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Testing the Canon of Ancient Near Eastern Art and Archaeology
Amy Gansell, Ph.D. ’08Ann Shafer, Ph.D. ’98

Essays on the past, present, and future of the world's Ancient Near Eastern icons.Oxford University Press 2020.
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Barbara and Elizabeth: Late Life Lovers
Elizabeth Boardman ’63

Two happily independent straight women age 76 are shocked when they fall in love and learn a lot about female sexuality, androgyny, aging and lesbian literature, kinds of marriage and relevant poetry.
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Alan I W Frank House: The Modernist Masterwork by Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer
Alan I W Frank ’54, Kenneth Frampton, Ezra Stoller

A rare opportunity to explore the largest and most important house designed by Gropius and Breuer.
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Life After Truth
Ceridwen Dovey ’03

Fifteen years after graduating from Harvard, five friends wonder if they wasted their youthful opportunities. The soul-searching begins over reunion weekend when their infamous classmate—son of the loathed U.S. President—turns up dead.
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American Indian Image Makers of Hollywood
Frank Javier Garcia Berumen, Ed.M. ’93, Ed.D. ’03

American Indian cinematic images from the 1890s to the present; key films and performers: and efforts to improve images and opportunities.
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Epithalamium of Prose, Poetry, and Puzzles for Aliza and Yhali
Edward R. Levenson

Takes its humble place in the celebrated tradition of wedding tributes going back to Sappho of Lesbos 2600 years ago and perhaps Song of Songs in Hebrew Scriptures earlier than that.
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Soul of Venice
Frederica and Arthur Steinberg ’58

Set in 2006, this novel follows twenty-five-year-old architect, Pietro Contarini, descendant of a Venetian patrician family, as he struggles to find his place in the world of his ancestors and in modern day Venice. Available on Amazon.
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Without Warning
Terry C. Pierce, D.P.A. ’01

History cast Gettysburg as Lee's failure but gives little heed to the modest, brilliant Unionleader who won the battle and turned the tideof the Civil War. Historical novel brings newperspective to an underrated American legend.
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Innovation on Tap
Eric B. Schultz, M.B.A. ’83

Stories of Entrepreneurship from the Cotton Gin to Broadway’s Hamilton. Colorful stories told by 25 entrepreneurs in an imaginary barroom. Perfect for general history readers and entrepreneurs. Amazon,
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Hidden Atrocities
Jeanne Guillemin ’68

How US military intelligence, in the name of national security, infiltrated the Tokyo Trial to prevent the Japanese from being prosecuted for mass germ warfare attacks. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Available through Columbia University Press.
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Charles Vidich, M.C.P. ’74

Describes a university’s long search for water, its mismanaged resource policies, and their adverse impacts on public trust and water supply planning in Connecticut. Vidich reveals what can go wrong when the longest straw in the ground takes it all.
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The 700 Haiku of The Carpenter
Peter S. Britell ’63, LL.B. ’66

The 700 Haiku of The Carpenter is the result of decades of masterful poetry by Britell, whose elegant, classic haiku tell the story of life, love and nature, 17 syllables at a time.
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Seven Sisters and a Brother
Marilyn Allman Maye, M.A.T. ’70, Joyce Frisby Baynes, M.A.T. ’70, Marilyn Holifield, J.D. ’72

With Harold Buchanan, Jannette Domingo, Myra Rose, Bridget Warren, Aundrea Kelley. 8 Days. 8 Students. A lasting impact on institutional diversity and inclusion.
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Fighting Words: The Bold American Journalists Who Brought the World Home Between the WarsNancy F. Cott, Trumbull Research Professor
Foreign correspondents’ past impact on Americans’ global awareness.
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Yumeji Modern: Designing the Everyday in Twentieth-Century Japan
Nozomi Naoi, Ph.D. ’14

Takehisa Yumeji’s role in shaping modern Japanese identity speaks to his work in spheres of commercial art, visual culture, and design.
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American Race Relations and the Legacy of British Colonialism
Thomas H. Stanton, J.D. ’70

The book explores how colonial rule created a racially divided US society, but also gave us the rule of law that is helping us to overcome much of that division.
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Moral Combat: How Sex Divided American Christians & Fractured American Politics
R. Marie Griffith, Ph.D. '95

Conflicts over sexual morality, feminism, and gender have riven U.S. religion and politics for a century, serving as proxy struggles over the fate of the nation itself.
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Federal Taxation in America
W. Elliot Brownlee '63

Inviting, concise, and comprehensive history of American taxation from American Revolution into the current fiscal paralysis. Explores dynamics among taxes, spending, deficits, and debt. Third edition, Cambridge University Press (2016).
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Saving Jemima: Life and Love with a Hard-Luck Jay
Julie Zickefoose ’80

For fans of Wesley the Owl and The Soul of an Octopus, Saving Jemima is the story of a sick baby bird nursed back to health and into the wild by renowned writer/artist Julie Zickefoose.
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Dirty Science
Bob Gebelein ’56

Winner, Book Excellence Awards and NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards, 2019. Self-knowledge for academia: How dirty politics overpowers critical thinking and blocks academic freedom. On and
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Sabotaged: Dreams of Utopia in Texas
James Pratt, M.Arch. ’53

Jim Lehrer called it "riveting". The true story of elite Europeans attempting to create a utopia in Texas." Clashing egos and sabotage by their leader led to failure. Available on
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The Last Negroes at Harvard: The Class of 1963 and the 18 Young Men Who Changed Harvard Forever
Kent Garrett ’63 and Jeanne Ellsworth

The untold story of the class of ’63, whose Black students fought to create their own identities on the cusp between integration and affirmative action.
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Can You Smell the Rain?
Patricia Cleary Miller ’61

This poetry collection poses the old theatrical question, Who wants what, and why can'tthey have it? Miller’s confused and deluded characters take themselves seriously as they yearn for love. With wit and gently biting satire, the poet presents their struggles.
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Einstein and the Quantum
A. Douglas Stone ’76

An award-winning new perspective on Einstein’s science and life focusing on his seminal role in the modern theory of the atom that he ultimately rejected. An NPR top science book of the year.
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Strategic Policy Design
Jack C. Chow, M.P.A. ’96

A Practitioner's Guide to Statecraft. New, radical framework for strategic leadership across public and private sectors. Decodes policy making. Winning tips for goal crafting, action planning, even memo writing! Gain confidence in command.
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Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes
William Bridges ’55 & Susan Bridges

40th Anniversary Edition. Explores the underlying and universal pattern of transition and remains the essential guide for coping with change.
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Napoleon, Charles XII and HitlerChallenge and Calamity in Russia
Adolf A.F. Jochnick, J.D. ’58

This book describes the invasions of Russia & compares them, with questions like: why were they conducted in the way they were? Why did they fail? Could anyone have succeeded? Available on Amazon.
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Sarah Gridley ’90

A collection of poems dedicated to analogical reasoning, seeking to remember basic terms of relation and proportion. Its theology, insofar as it finds one, is earth-based, pluralistic, and cyclical.
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Ethan L. Welch ’53, M.D.

This book looks at quackery practiced under the cover of CIM (Complementary and Integrative Medicine). Why? To inform the consumer that there is a better way to spend their health-care dollar.
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Social Injustice and Public Health (3rd ed.)
Barry S. Levy, M.P.H. ’70, M.D.

Describes adverse effects of social injustice on people of color, women, LGBT people, and others, and on various public health issues. Proposes action agenda. Available at
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