A Ray of Light amid Middle East Devastation

Harvard’s Lisa Randall on Israeli and Palestinian Scientists Working Together

by Olivia Farrar

Decoding the Deep

Project CETI’s pioneering effort to unlock the language of sperm whales

by Jonathan Shaw

Harvard Magazine March-April 2024 Scavenger Hunt

March-April 2024 Print Issue Scavenger Hunt

The Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy

Scientists affiliated with the Event Horizon Telescope publish the first image of Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

by Jonathan Shaw

Encounters at the Border

Photographer Morgan Smith ’60 documents life on the precarious precipice between Mexico and the United States.

by Lydialyle Gibson

Caroline Buckee: Can Mobile-phone Data Help Control the Spread of the Coronavirus?

Anonymized location data can help guide strategies for protecting public health in a pandemic.

Unraveling the Universe through Puzzles

In his freshman seminar, Cumrun Vafa uses puzzles to help students understand complex physics.

by Steve Nadis

We’re Hiring: Digital Content Strategist

Harvard Magazine is looking for someone passionate about independent journalism and new social platforms.

“Doctor Bugs”

Naturalist Mark W. Moffett investigates insects—and now, evolving human societies.

by Nell Porter Brown

Remaking the Grid

Paolo Pasco and the art of making crosswords

by Oset Babür

Seasons at the Arboretum

A veteran photographer of people turns his lens to plants.

by Jonathan Shaw