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Classifieds Pricing and Sizes

Issue Dates and Deadlines


Deadline for Ads

Date Published

Jan-Feb 2024



Mar-Apr 2024



May-June 2024



Jul-Aug 2024



Sep-Oct 2024



Nov-Dec 2024




Print Advertising: Text Ads



1 or 2 issues

$5.40 per word

3 issues

$4.86 per word (save 10%)

4 or 5 issues

$4.59 per word (save 15%)

6 issues

$4.32 per word (save 20%)

  • 12-word minimum charge.
  • The first 2 words in the ad are boldfaced for no additional charge.
  • Additional boldfacing costs 2x the per-word rate.
  • Telephone numbers count as 1 word; email addresses and websites count as 2 words.
  • Abbreviations are counted as the words they stand for (e.g. 2BR which is an abbreviation of 2 bedrooms would be counted as 2 words).
  • We try to avoid splitting words between lines in the print edition, however, due to space constraints in the classifieds section, length of text, and the column width of our pages, splitting words may be unavoidable. We do not split websites addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers in text ads. 

Enhance the Look of Your Text Ad

Text Ad Enhancements



Crimson border

$65 per insertion

Star icon

$40 per insertion

Photo to accompany online ad only

$40 per photo per insertion

Bolded crimson class year

$10 per insertion

If you purchase the bolded Harvard class year option, you will be vetted through Harvard University's alumni records to verify you are a Harvard alum. Only Harvard alumni are allowed to purchase the bolded class year option.

Here are examples of text ads with these treatments below.
(As these are screen shots, please note that the images shown are low resolution. Ads are printed in high resolution.)


Print Advertising: Classified Display Ads

Classified display ads are designed ads that may contain colors, logos, or photographs in addition to text. They are available in increments of 1/4" (1-inch minimum), with a standard column width of 2 3/16". Display ads cannot be purchased using our online order form. Call 617-496-6686, Skype: hmagclassifieds or email [email protected] for assistance. All rates are net.



1 or 2 issues

$420 per column inch

3 issues

$378 per column inch (save 10%)

4 or 5 issues

$357 per column inch (save 15%)

6 issues

$336 per column inch (save 20%)

Classified display ads must be camera-ready*, in order to avoid a design fee. (See below for details.)

To see a roster of the different sizes we offer, click here.

*What does camera-ready mean?
Camera-ready means that your ad is designed to our exact specifications (listed above). It must have the correct dimensions and the resolution must be at least 300 dpi. (72 dpi - standard web resolution - is NOT sufficient for print. So please do not grab your photos from the web. Find and send the originals.) All text should be at least 6pt minimum - or 7 pt minimum for white type knocked out of a colored background. We can't guarantee the legibility of text smaller than 6pt (without a magnifying glass). If you would like an accurate representation of how your ad will look in the magazine, print it out on a home printer at 100%. Similarly, if you are using a QR code in your ad, print it out on paper at 100% and scan it with your phone to test it. (Codes often appear larger on your computer screen and may work there, but break in print.) Ads should be submitted in pdf format (pdfx-1a preferred) and should be emailed to [email protected]. If we have to edit or alter your ad in any way, it is not considered camera-ready. If you do not understand these instructions, we encourage you to contact a design professional to help design your ad. Or you can use Harvard Magazine’s design services (more information about that below).  

Ad Design Policy:
New clients: If you don’t have a camera-ready ad and/or need assistance with design, Harvard Magazine offers design services for $70 per hour with a 1-hour minimum charge. You will need to provide us with the (hi-res) photos, logos, and text you wish to use in your ad. You can also give us specific instructions if you know exactly how you want your ad to look - or you can leave it up to our designer’s discretion. A credit card payment is required before we design your ad. If you choose not to run the ad with us, you will still be charged for the design work completed. (The design fee is $70 per hour with a 1-hour minimum charge.) Ad proofs are watermarked and not permitted for use outside of Harvard Magazine until paid. Click here to complete and submit our design request form
Renewing clients: You will have 2 opportunities to make changes to your existing ad (if Harvard Magazine created your ad) for no additional cost. You will be sent a first draft of your ad with your requested changes. You may approve the ad - or make one final edit - and then you will be sent the final version of your ad. If there are additional changes after that point, you will be charged the $70 per hour fee (1 hour minimum charge). No exceptions. Click here to complete and submit our design change request form.

Print/Online Classified Ad Combo; Online Photos For Text Ads

  • Online ads cost $40 - in addition to the cost of your print ad - and will appear in the Classifieds section of our website.
  • Online ads run concurrently with the release of the print issue. (Ads that appear in the January-February print issue will begin online around the 15th of December and come offline around the 15th of February.)
  • If you prefer to have the online portion of your ad start immedately (before the next issue is printed), please call 617-496-6686, Skype: hmagclassifieds, or email: [email protected] and we can assist you. Your ad will remain online for 2 months after the start date.
  • Classified display ads will look differently on our classifieds website than in the print version of the magazine. This is due to column width of our classifieds website and the fact that we cannot hyperlink the actual display ad image.

If you would prefer to place an online ad on other Harvard Magazine webpages (outside of the classifieds) or in our weekly email or monthly Editor's Highlights emails, please contact 617-496-6686 or [email protected] for rates/info.

Online-only Classified Advertising

  • You can choose to run your text or display ad online only - but you will be charged standard print rates.
  • Online-only classified ads remain on the classifieds website for 2-months.

If you would prefer to place an online ad on other Harvard Magazine webpages (not on the classifieds webpages) or in our weekly email or monthly Editor's Highlights emails, please contact 617-496-6686 or [email protected] for rates/info.

Harvard Alumni Business Network

  • Harvard alumni advertisers receive a 50% discount off the cost of a classified display ad.
  • Alumni will be vetted through the alumni records office.
  • Ads are highlighted with the Harvard Alumni Business Network headline and Harvard shield. 
  • The Harvard Alumni Business Network discount is not applicable to text ads or display ads outside of the classifieds section.
  • Harvard Alumni Business Network ads are not eligible for frequency or other discounting.

Below is an example of a Harvard Alumni Business Network ad.
(As this example below is a screen shot, please note it is low resolution. Ads are printed in high resolution.)


Harvard Magazine distributes 4 classifieds emails that are sent to our opt-in email list 6 times per year. The newsletter topics are Books, Personals, Real Estate, and Vacation Rentals/Travel. We offer 3 text ad slots in each newsletter and 1 display ad slot in each newsletter on a first come, first served basis. The text ad slots are $75 each. The display ad slots are $100 each. You must be a current Harvard Magazine print or online advertiser to be eligible. Ad content must correspond to the email topic (e.g. homes for sale would appear in our real estate newsletter, not our personals newsletter, etc.) 

Harvard Magazine also offers sponsor content opportunities for the categories of Education & Enrichment (4 times/year, Personals (6 times/year), Real Estate (6 times/year), and Vacation Rentals/Travel (6 times/year). Our sponsor content allows advertisers the opportunity to promote their business, product, or service while also sharing their expertise with our readers. Sponsor content slots are sold on a first come, first served basis. They include a 1/3 page advertorial in our print classifieds section as well as coverage on our website and in a classified newsletter. The cost is $5,000.

For more information on these opportunities, please email: [email protected], call: 617-496-6686 or Skype: hmagclassifieds.

Special Sections

  • Harvard Magazine offers a number of special advertising sections throughout the year including the Harvard Authors' Bookshelf, Emails, Sponsor Content positions, and the Education and Enrichment Resource.
  • Frequency, Harvard Alumni Business Network, or other discounts are not applicable for special sections ads.

Please contact 617-496-6686 or [email protected] for the pricing and specifications of the section you are interested in.

Harvard Authors' Bookshelf

ARE YOU A HARVARD ALUM, FACULTY, OR STAFF AUTHOR? Promote your book to 260,000 Harvard alumni, faculty, and staff in the Harvard Authors’ Bookshelf.  This special advertising section appears twice a year - in the May-June issue (Summer Reading List) and the November-December issue (Holiday Reading List) adjacent to the Montage section of the magazine.

ADVERTISING PACKAGE INCLUDES: A full color photo of your book jacket. 8 lines of text which contain: your book title, your name and class year/Harvard affiliation, plus a brief description. The description length can vary from a single web address to multiple words, depending upon how many lines are required for your book title, name(s), and class year/Harvard affiliation(s)*. We will contact you if your ad needs to be edited for space. For guidance, see image below or email [email protected] for more sample ad layouts. Your ad will appear in both the print and the online edition of Harvard Magazine. The Harvard Authors’ Bookshelf section will also be promoted on our social media channels as well as in our  “Books” email. *You must be a Harvard alum, faculty, or staff author to participate in the Harvard Authors’ Bookshelf. Your class year/Harvard affiliation will be vetted.

LISTING COST: $595 per issue (a savings of $428 per issue). To place your ad, please use our special author order form at: (Or, if you prefer, you may e-mail a high resolution, 300 dpi .jpg or a pdf of your book cover, along with your book title, name, Harvard class year/affiliation, and descriptive text to [email protected].)

Multi-Link Ads For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Harvard Magazine offers SEO ads with the following conditions:

  • $100 for 2 months of coverage.
  • Your ad cannot exceed more than 15 linked words.
  • Your ad will appear at the bottom of the page of the classifieds section you wish to advertise in. 
    (The classifieds sections are: Vacation Rentals, Real Estate, Personals or Products & Services) 
  • To have your ad appear within a particular sub-category (e.g. Maine Vacation Rentals, Florida Real Estate for Sale, etc.) , there is an additional $50 slotting charge.
  • Multi-link ads will not appear at the top of classifieds pages nor on any other page of the Harvard Magazine website. 
  • Multi-link ads cannot be purchased using our online order form. Call 617-496-6686, Skype: hmagclassifieds or email [email protected] for assistance.

Here is an example of a multi-link ad for search option optimization. Please note this is a screen shot, but on the website the words are hyperlinked to specific URLs.


Frequency Discounts

Our discounts for advertising in multiple issues are as follows:

  • 3 issues (save 10%); 4 or 5 issues (save 15%); 6 issues (save 20%)
  • Ads must be pre-paid in advance to receive frequency discounts.
  • The frequency discounts above are not available for ads outside of the classifieds section, Harvard Alumni Business Network ads, Special Section ads, or other discounted sections.

Our most successful advertisers, the ones who get a better response, advertise consecutively in multiple issues (versus in just 1 or 2 issues). Just like when you view an ad on TV, hear an ad on the radio, or see and ad in a newspaper or magazine, if you only see it one time, you are much less likely to act on it than if you see it or hear it multiple times.

Advertising Policies

  • Harvard Magazine retains the right to decline any advertisement at any time. All ads are subject to the publisher's approval.
  • All ads must be pre-paid. We accept payment via credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover), U.S. check, or money order. If paying by check or money order, your payment must be received and processed by the issue deadline.
  • We do not offer positioning guarantees.
  • Ads must correspond to their proper categories.
  • It is the advertiser’s responsibility to check their ad proofs prior to the deadline. If an error on the client’s part runs, we do not issue refunds or make goods. If an error is made by Harvard Magazine, a make good of the corrected ad will be run in the subsequent issue. No refunds.
  • Placing an ad in Harvard Magazine does not guarantee response.