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This slim, dark-haired, vivacious, and fun-loving Chinese woman enjoys travel, the performing arts, and humor! A graduate of the prestigious Hong Kong University, with additional degrees from American Universities, she builds and runs innovative non-profit programs in the Northeastern United States. Her match is a fit, successful, open-minded Asian gentleman between 65-75 years old from anywhere in the United States, Toronto, Singapore or Hong Kong. CONTACT: [email protected].

Seeking a gentleman who thrives in the professional arena and seeks a partner to complement his achievements. If engaging in stimulating conversations, pursuing shared goals, or indulging in life’s luxuries is what you seek, we should definitely speak. Our multifaceted approach to curated matchmaking prioritizes your connections. At LD Company, our clients are dating with intention. There is no fee to be considered. Please send photo and contact info to Jill at: [email protected], 617-254-6120.

This long-legged, blue-eyed brunette runs the London and New York marathons and sometimes enjoys swimming, hiking, camping, and cooking with her teenage daughter. She’s brilliant, attended Harvard undergrad and Law School, and is an attorney. Her match is an intellectual gentleman between 50 years old to a fit 70. She is open to New York and CT, where she has homes. Although Jewish, she is open to race or religion. CONTACT: [email protected].

Seeking single gentlemen 25-75: We are a national upscale matchmaking firm personally representing exceptional ladies. Our services are complimentary to you since our clients pay all fees. Our beautiful, educated, and successful ladies are looking for gentlemen who are ready for a meaningful relationship. We look forward to hearing from you., [email protected], 305-615-1900.

Our Ivy-educated, talented surgeon with degrees from Yale and University of Michigan has retained us to find her match. Standing 5’4", petite, athletic, of Hispanic and Black origins, and stunning, her interests range from Michigan Football, snowboarding, weightlifting, tennis, piano playing, learning French and Spanish, the arts, but has a great sense of work-life balance. She seeks a man 46-58, 5’8”-6’5” who has a track record of professional and life accomplishments and interests. The man she is seeking leads a purpose-driven life and is committed to his own health, wellness, and happiness. If he is a family man, his values and actions are aligned with well-being and a kind heart. Our client travels domestically and internationally, and is open to geography with a man who can meet her half way (metaphorically, geographically, and spiritually). If this resonates with you, please reach out! [email protected], 212-627-0121.

Our Renaissance male client, (Ph.D.) is seeking a petite, slim, smart, fit, and feminine lady, 50s-early 60s, who shares a love of the outdoors (running, hiking, tennis, etc.) He enjoys theater, music and art, domestic and international travel. He is a lifelong learner and family man with a kind demeanor and seeks the same with his partner. You reside in Boston/New York/the Northeast and are emotionally and intellectually ready. This will be an extraordinary time for the two of you! Inquire (confidentially). Bio and pic to: [email protected] or 212-627-0121. Or complete “get started” at

Our stunning, blonde/blue-eyed, and slender private client is a Harvard graduate and a high-level executive based on the West Coast. She is open to relocation for the right gentleman. Charming and talented, she was a child actress, a stellar student at Harvard and managed to channel her intellect and drive graduating law school. Her passions are the arts and sports, live events (sports and music) and hosting family and friends at home. She practices and lives a healthy, active lifestyle and is most proud of being a super mom to her young son. Her match is a warm, confident, family-oriented gentleman, 38-49, 5'8" and up, financially and emotionally secure (as she is!), and most importantly, open to building a happy life together. All inquiries confidential. Photo/bio to: [email protected] or 212-627-0121. Or, go to "get started” at:

Our head turner Asian divorcée is a very attractive, slender New Yorker whose charm and demeanor radiate warmth, compassion, and a hilarious and amazing sense of humor and joy. She is now ready to find her new partner in life, mischief, and international travel. Petite, fit, with wide and developed interests and passions, she hopes to find a true gentleman who appreciates all that she is and has to offer. You are also accomplished, 60s-70s, happy with your life, but missing romance and adventure with a companion. Our client is geographically open. [email protected]. 212-627-0121.

Situated in NYC is a beautiful, 5'4" slender, super-fit divorcée in her late 50’s—looks 49-50 tops. After raising 3 fabulous children she spends her time on boards, in her finance career, traveling to visit friends, playing golf, and manages to have time to do everything she values. She has retained us to find the right match and we want to see if that might be you! She enjoys a very smart, handsome and confident man who is interested in sharing their mutually outstanding lives! She radiates joy and warmth, and is as compassionate and kind as she Is gorgeous. This search includes entire East Coast. All replies in confidence: [email protected]. 212-627-0121.

Boston-based beautiful widow with an international background seeks a partner for all her seasons! Her new man is well-rounded, fit, confident, with a mix of intellectual, cultural, and philanthropic interests. You have refined tastes but are down-to-earth, generous of heart, and open to a "life of collaboration, joy, and adventure," 60s-70s. Inquire: [email protected], 212-627-0121.

Inviting accomplished single/eligible men seeking romantic partners (40-80), East Coast/West Coast to be matched with our outstanding and very attractive female clients. You too are selective, attractive, emotionally secure, and living your best life. We have been working with Ivy graduates, and men and women of substance (not only Ivy!) since 2006 and have an outstanding track record of successful matches. We invite you to be part of our network of winners in 2024! [email protected], 212-627-0121, or go to “get started" on our website: