Health & Medicine

Academia’s Absence from Homelessness

“The lack of dedicated research funding in this area is a major, major problem.”

by Lydialyle Gibson

The Homelessness Public Health Crisis

Homelessness has surged in the United States, with devastating effects on the public health system.

by Lydialyle Gibson

AI as Cancer Oracle?

How is artificial intelligence (AI) being used for cancer detection and prevention?

by Daniel Oberhaus

Private Equity and the Practice of Medicine

Hundreds of U.S. hospitals are owned by private equity firms—does monetizing medicine affect the quality of care?

by Colleen Walsh

Diversifying Diet

A little-known diet improves cardiovascular health through several distinct mechanisms. 

by Nina Pasquini

Reparations as Public Health

A Harvard forum on the racial health gap

by Lydialyle Gibson

How Air Pollution Affects Our Brains

An expert Harvard panel discusses the links between air pollution and dementia, learning, mental health, and mood.

by Jonathan Shaw

How to Prevent Cancer through Nutrition

Expert advice for daily life

by Jonathan Shaw

Diagnosis by Fiction

The “Healing Quartet,” by “Samuel Shem,” probes medicine—and life.

by Craig Lambert

Computational Control of a Living Brain?

How an AI agent learned to guide an animal to food—and what it might mean for Parkinson’s patients.

by Jonathan Shaw

The Male-Female Longevity Gap Widens

Men’s lower life expectancy fueled by COVID-19, overdoses

by Max J. Krupnick