John S. Rosenberg

How are Harvard's Admissions Changing?

The class of 2028—plus admissions policy concerning diversity, standardized tests, and legacies

Harvard in the Interim

The University’s interim president and provost address a challenging agenda.

Harvard College Admits Class of 2028

A smaller undergraduate applicant cohort—the first since Supreme Court ended affirmative action 

Maria Ressa Named Harvard Commencement Speaker

Philippine journalist and Nobel Peace Prize honorand will speak at Commencement.

A Harvard Agenda Shaped by Speech

The work underway in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Back to the Bond Market

Harvard’s new borrowings foretell ambitious new building programs.

Kevin Young Named 2024 Harvard Arts Medalist

Museum director and poet to be honored April 24

The Interim President’s Agenda

Alan Garber on campus speech, academics, and his other Harvard priorities

Reengineering Arts and Sciences

Spurring innovation, rethinking departments, tapping centers—and Ph.D. support

A Presidency’s End

Controversies over terrorism and antisemitism, free speech, plagiarism, and broader cultural currents bring a brief presidency to a traumatic end.

Kenneth C. Frazier and Joseph Y. Bae to Join Harvard Corporation

Will succeed David M. Rubenstein and Paul Finnegan

Harvard Overseers Petitioners 2024

Harvard alumni seeking a place on the Board of Overseers ballot