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Harvard Magazine is like no other alumni publication or high-end magazine.

  • Harvard Magazine readers are among the most educated, affluent, and influential audience anywhere.
  • The quality of Harvard Magazine’s award-winning editorial content–and our audience’s personal connection to it–sets us apart from any other publication.
  • Advertising in Harvard Magazine is the best way to build a connection with this exclusive audience.
  • Harvard Magazine has the unique ability to target a specific group or subset within this audience, and offers a variety of products that can be customized to suit your needs and budget. 


Print, web, e-newsletters, inserts, special advertising sections, events


Bi-monthly (6x/year)

Rate base:

National: 260,000
New England: 80,000


Median age: 53
Male/Female: 51%/49%
Median Household income: $209,626
Median Net Worth: $1,910,499
Median Value Principal
Residence: $704,370
Average Value Principal Residence: $957,000

Source: 2019 IPSOS Affluent Survey


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Harvard Magazine is published six times a year and balances intellectual substance with human interest by educating and entertaining readers with insightful reporting on research and breakthroughs–in the fields of business management, the arts, literature, technology, medicine, current events and the social sciences–taking place at the University. The magazine is an independently edited and separately incorporated affiliate of Harvard University.


Harvard Magazine is the only Harvard publication distributed to all University alumni, including those of Harvard College, Business School, Medical School, Law School, the Graduate School of Design, the Kennedy School of Government, and all the other graduate and professional schools­–as well as University faculty, and staff.


Harvard Magazine employs a 25/75 ad-edit ratio, which means your ad will stand out within our content. This is just one of the reasons the magazine attracts such clients as: JFK Library, Kiawah Island, Martin Randall Travel, Patek Philippe, Penguin Random House, Pompanoosuc Mills, Remy Martin, The Catered Affair, The Charles Hotel, The Yard Ventures, Thomas Moser, UBS.


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