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Jonathan Shaw is Managing Editor.

A Dazzling Class of Zebras

The Harvard class of 2024 baccalaureate

AI @ Harvard

Harvard symposium assesses the new technology.

Emergency Response to Climate Tipping Points

Developing response capability for a climate emergency

The Enterprise Research Campus, Part Two

Tishman Speyer signals readiness to pursue approval for second phase of commercial development.  

Harvard College Reinstitutes Mandatory Testing

Applicants for the class of 2029 must submit scores.

Climate-Solutions Investments Exceed 1 Percent of Endowment Assets

Harvard Management Company’s fourth annual climate report

Can Plants Sequestering Carbon Slow Climate Change?

How long will the world’s forests impound carbon below ground?

How is Artificial Intelligence Being Taught at Harvard?

A new Harvard course on artificial intelligence teaches students how to use the tool responsibly.

Universities in Public Debates

Institutional position-taking at Harvard and in higher education

How Air Pollution Affects Our Brains

An expert Harvard panel discusses the links between air pollution and dementia, learning, mental health, and mood.

How to Prevent Cancer through Nutrition

Expert advice for daily life