Max J. Krupnick

Close Call

Ending a tumultuous year, Harvard tradition is served in the 373rd Commencement—with plenty of thunder from the stage.

Pro-Palestine Students Walk Out of Harvard Graduation

Pro-Palestine activists hold “The People’s Commencement”

Deb Haaland Harvard Law Commencement 2024

Deb Haaland, Secretary of the Interior, addresses Harvard Law School.

Update: Harvard Encampment Ends

As protest numbers dwindled, organizers and administrators reached an agreement

Commencement Student Speakers 2024

Harvard’s student Commencement speakers 2024

When to Arrest Protesters

Should civil disobedience merit a police response?

Crimson Cricket?

Taking a Harvard swing at a blossoming sport

Harvard Students form Pro-Palestine Encampment

Protesters set up camp in Harvard Yard.

Finding Harvard’s Voice

Danielle Allen’s educational vision

How Does Hate Spread?

Harvard symposium probes antisemitic, Islamophobic sentiments

New Harvard Kennedy School Dean Announced

Stanford political scientist Jeremy Weinstein set to lead

Harvard Education School Announces Interim Dean

Nonie Lesaux will serve as dean during the search for a new one.