Museums & Collections

“Carving Out Time”

A monumental exhibit of woodblock prints from the Harvard Art Museums

by Nina Pasquini

Picasso at War

Harvard Art Museums exhibit on depictions of combat and revolution

by Nina Pasquini

Capturing the American South

Photographs at the Addison Gallery of American Art 

by Nell Porter Brown

Mysterious Minis

Intricate mosaics shrouded in mystery

by Max J. Krupnick

How Birds Lost Flight

Scott Edwards discovers evolution’s master switches.

by Veronique Greenwood

News in Brief

Education dean and football coach step down, a significant art acquisition, and more

Peabody Museum Removes Native American Funerary Objects

Responds to federal rules requiring tribal consultation and consent

by Lydialyle Gibson

Bats, In Fact

Peabody Essex Museum dispels negative myths around these nocturnal creatures 

by Nell Porter Brown

Fresh Takes on the Caribbean

The ICA/Boston's exhibit offers views from the diaspora  

by Nell Porter Brown

No Sleepy Coastal Town

Visiting Portsmouth in winter

by Nell Porter Brown

Zelia Nuttall

Brief life of a remarkable anthropologist (1857-1933)

by Merilee Grindle