Historic Humor

University Archives to preserve Harvard Lampoon materials

Poise, in Spite of Everything

Nina Skov Jensen ’25, portraitist for collectors and the princess of Denmark. 

by Lydialyle Gibson

AI: The Course

A new Harvard course on artificial intelligence teaches students how to use the tool responsibly.

by Jonathan Shaw


Sasha, the police dog of Harvard University.

by Nina Pasquini

AWOL from Academics

Behind students' increasing pull toward extracurriculars

by Aden Barton

Strategic Planning

A chess player’s moves on AI safety

by Nina Pasquini

Computational Control of a Living Brain?

How an AI agent learned to guide an animal to food—and what it might mean for Parkinson’s patients.

by Jonathan Shaw

Is Pedagogy About Us?

Questioning the intellectual rigor of bringing identity into the classroom

by Isabella Cho

What Work Means

Does Gen Z expect too much from employers?

by Aden Barton

Bringing Art to Life

Cecilia Zhou’s approach to makeup, protest, and science

by Max J. Krupnick