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Head shots of smiling Aloian Scholars

Fariba Mahmud and Courtney Rabb

Photographs courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association


Enriching life at the Houses 


Illustration of seated people talking in a restorative justice circle

Illustration by James Heimer

Exploring an alternative to crime and punishment

July-August 2021

A stylized illustration of a tree with many small flowers blooming on one side and on the other one small branch on which a small human figure is nurturing one large blossom

Illustration by Mike Austin

Why do so many Harvard students start clubs, instead of joining them?

July-August 2021

University leaders announce that full, in-person operations will resume, with continuing public-health protocols.


Meena Venkataramanan (pictured right) and her friend Britney (pictured left) on the blanket at Magazine Beach.

Meena Venkataramanan (at right) and her friend Britney picnic at Magazine Beach, along the Charles River in Cambridge.

Photograph courtesy of Meena Venkataramanan. 

A senior’s last semester expands her sense of adventure and personhood.


Harvard University shield

President Bacow releases directive to the community.


Photograph portrait of Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin

Photograph courtesy of Harvard University.

The former NBA star headlines the undergraduates’ virtual celebration May 26.


A group photo of the four Harvard undergraduates, including the author, with their project adviser and two local, older mentors

The team with mentors (from left): Kale Catchings, Percy Green, Saul Glist, Robin McDowell, Catie Barr, Jamala Rogers, and the author.

Photograph courtesy of Che R. Applewhaite

The Undergraduate learns about making knowledge mutual.

May-June 2021

Drawing of a female mallard flying down to her nest on a Harvard rooftop with food for her seven ducklings, each bearing a letter on its chest spelling out H-A-R-V-A-R-D.

Illustration by Mark Steele

Headlines from Harvard’s history

May-June 2021