The College Pump


Two scholars’ extracurricular efforts in the Middle East

by Primus VI

Honorands Three

Three honorands connected in time through Wilbur and Orville Wright, the fathers of aviation

by Primus VI

Darker Days

The current disquiets compared to Harvard’s Vietnam-era traumas

by Primus VI

Square Scribes

Harvard Square retailers’ tales—and a changing local scene

by Primus VI

Football: The Tapestry

David C.K. McClelland’s famous Lampoon cover

by Craig Lambert

Presidents’ Paths

Life decisions en route to Massachusetts Hall

by Primus VI

Origin Stories

Eminent professors’ life foundations

by Primus VI

John Harvard, Reader

John Harvard’s reading matter, a scholar poet, the towering John Fox

by Primus VI

Over the River Dept.

Cornhole at HBS, prayer and meditation at SEAS, minerologist’s meter, eclipse aficionado

by Primus VI


Course catalog redux, a Chinese take on Harvard “glitz and glamour,” and the mathmetician-movie buff

by Primus VI

Ahead of His Time

The inclusive Henry Lee Higginson, and Robert Caro’s productive fellowship

by Primus VI