Daniel Oberhaus

AI as Cancer Oracle?

How is artificial intelligence (AI) being used for cancer detection and prevention?

The Brain-Cancer Link

Growth-stimulating crosstalk between the brain and cancer tumors presents a new target for therapy.

Engineering Virus-free Cells… and Organs?

Harvard researchers have built bacteria resistant to viral infections. 

Enablers of the Unethical

A Harvard Business School professor turns the stage lights on the supporting cast that facilitates unethical acts

Prepare for AI Hackers

Human systems of all kinds may soon be vulnerable to subversion by artificial intelligence.

Deprivation’s Mark on the Brain

Neglected children’s neurodevelopmental impairments persist into young adulthood.

Does High Blood Sugar Blunt the Benefits of Exercise?

Understanding “low response to training”—and searching for solutions for diabetics and others

Fracking’s Deadly Toll

Harvard researchers find that fracking shortens the lives of elderly Americans living downwind of unconventional oil and gas wells.

Authoritarian Regimes’ AI Innovation Advantage

Unfettered access to personal data may give Chinese companies an edge in artificial intelligence.

Racial Bias and Redistricting

Efforts to keep census data private result in voter undercounting in diverse districts.

Will Cities Survive Another Pandemic?

Inequities threaten the long-term health of cities