Elizabeth Gudrais

Center for Health and Happiness established at Harvard

Research aims to discover whether happiness improves physical health.

Tobin Project real-world social science, inequality, regulation

The interdisciplinary Tobin Project addresses real-world problems.

Harvard sociologist Matthew Desmond on evictions

Sociologist Matthew Desmond studies eviction and the lives of America’s poor.

How the Internet has leveled the playing field in numerous public realms

The Internet has led to cultural and economic changes that tilt power away from large organizations, argues Nicco Mele in a new book.

Mouse model doesn't work for human inflammatory diseases

Mice don't work as model organisms for human burns, blunt trauma and infection.

Harvard programs bring students together with inmates and their neighborhoods

Courses and programs bring Harvard students and scholars face-to-face with inmates and the communities they come from.

Harvard's Bruce Western advocates new prison, rehabilitation policies

Sociologist Bruce Western rethinks incarceration in America

Harvard study of teens links soft-drink consumption to violence

A Harvard School of Public Health study links soda to teen violence.

Profile of HSPH professor Theresa Betancourt's research on neglected children

Theresa Betancourt studies the world’s most neglected and traumatized youths.

Betancourt works with challenges specific to the Somali Bantu community

Betancourt works with a local Somali Bantu community to assess children’s needs

The general social survey has documented American attitudes since 1970

The General Social Survey asks Americans about issues from race to free speech, confirming some trends and contradicting popular reports of others.

Rutin, a substance found in apples, has powerful anticlotting effects

Rutin, a substance found in apples, could help prevent heart attacks and stroke.