Nets 'n' Turf

Beren Tennis Center... Jordan Field...

Beren Tennis Center

Boasting 18 courts, the new Robert M. Beren Tennis Center (above) was dedicated in mid April. The gift of Robert M. Beren ’47, M.B.A, ’50, an avid tennis player whose son Adam Beren ’83 was a tennis all-American, the courts will be home to the varsity teams, and serve as a tennis facility for the entire Harvard community. They enable Harvard to host major intercollegiate events like the NCAA regionals. The state-of-the-art facility provides a “cushioned” hard-court surface that eases impact on legs and joints. The pavilion has men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers, and a balcony with a superb 360-degree view. There will also be a scoreboard and wind buffers, including a surrounding wall of arborvitae.


Jordan Field

Field hockey and men’s lacrosse now play their home games on Jordan Field (left), the gift of Gerald R. (Jerry) Jordan Jr. ’61, M.B.A. ’67. The men’s lacrosse game there with Princeton on April 15 was the first athletic event ever played outdoors under lights at Harvard. Jordan Field is a 235-by-370 foot “Astroturf 12” surface with elevated spectator seating for 900 and a press box. Several Harvard athletic teams other than field hockey and men’s lacrosse also hold practices there. The “turf” reduces wear on Harvard’s natural grass fields, keeping them in better condition for teams, like the soccer sides, that play on grass. The presence of lights allows better scheduling of games and practices, a benefit that extends to Harvard’s intramural program.

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