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A Harvard man may have regained the White House, but 2000 wasn't a good year for Harvard's Republican senators, already diminished by the death of John H. Chafee, LL.B. '50, of Rhode Island. E. Spencer Abraham, J.D. '78, of Michigan was unseated, as was Delaware's William V. Roth Jr., IA '43, M.B.A. '47, LL.B. '49. Across the aisle, Daniel P. Moynihan, A.M. '66, of New York, is retiring.

In the House, Republican Robert R. Simmons, G '73, M.P.A. '79, of Connecticut arrived, but Californian Tom Campbell, J.D. '76, gave up his seat in a failed bid for the Senate and Utah's Merrill A. Cook, M.B.A. '71, lost a primary fight. Harvard won that contest in the end, though, with Democrat James D. Matheson '82. The Democrats also added Californians Adam B. Schiff, J.D. '85, and Jane Harman, J.D. '69, back after an unsuccessful gubernatorial run, and James R. Langevin, M.P.A. '94, of Rhode Island.

Bottom line? There will be 39 alumni in the 107th Congress, a net loss of one: 13 Republicans (down from 17) and 26 Democrats (up from 23). The list follows (asterisks mark newcomers).


SENATE REPUBLICANS: Michael D. Crapo, J.D. '77 (Id.); William H. Frist, M.D. '78 (Tenn.); James M. Jeffords, LL.B. '62 (Vt.); Ted Stevens, LL.B. '50 (Alaska).

SENATE DEMOCRATS: Jeff Bingaman '65 (N.M.); Russ Feingold, J.D. '79 (Wisc.); Bob Graham, LL.B. '62 (Fla.); Edward M. Kennedy '54 (Mass.); Herbert H. Kohl, M.B.A. '58 (Wisc.); Carl Levin, LL.B. '59 (Mich.); John F. (Jack) Reed, M.P.P. '73, J.D. '82 (R.I.); John D. Rockefeller IV '58 (W.V.); Paul S. Sarbanes, J.D. '60, IOP '76 (Md.); Charles E. Schumer '71, J.D. '74 (N.Y.); Robert G. Torricelli, M.P.A. '81 (N.J.).

HOUSE REPUBLICANS: Douglas K. Bereuter, M.C.P. '66, M.P.A. '73 (Neb.); C. Christopher Cox, M.B.A. '75, J.D. '77 (Calif.); Steve Horn, M.P.A. '55 (Calif.); Amory Houghton Jr. '50, M.B.A. '52 (N.Y.); Nancy L. Johnson '57 (Conn.); Thomas E. Petri '62, LL.B. '65 (Wisc.); *Robert R. Simmons, G '73, M.P.A. '79 (Conn.); John E. Sununu, M.B.A. '91 (N.H.); Patrick J. Toomey, J.D. '84 (Penn.).

HOUSE DEMOCRATS: Thomas H. Allen, J.D. '74 (Maine); Chet Edwards, M.B.A. '81 (Tex.); Barney Frank '61, G '62-'68, IOP '76, J.D. '77 (Mass.); Jane Harman, J.D. '69 (Calif.); William J. Jefferson, J.D. '72 (La.); Ron Kind '85 (Wisc.); *James R. Langevin, M.P.A. '94 (R.I.); Sander Levin, LL.B. '57 (Mich.); James H. Maloney '70 (Conn.); *James D. Matheson '82 (Utah); Karen McCarthy, IOP '82 (Mo.); *Adam B. Schiff, J.D. '85 (Calif.); Robert C. Scott '69 (Va.); Bradley J. Sherman, J.D. '79 (Calif.); David Wu, M. '81 (Ore.).

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