Comings and Goings

Many Harvard clubs boast a full roster of alumni events in May and June, including the selected list of speakers found below. Contact the club...

Many Harvard clubs boast a full roster of alumni events in May and June, including the selected list of speakers found below. Contact the club in your area for further details on upcoming programs.

The Harvard Club of Western Pennsylvania hosts Paul Grogan, vice president for government, community, and public affairs (see page 74), for a discussion on "The Future of Harvard: Town, Gown, and Beyond," on May 9.

Others speaking this spring include Neil Levine, Gleason professor of the history of art and architecture, at the Harvard Club of Phoenix on May 10; psychiatry professor J. Allan Hobson, discussing "Sleep, Dreams, and Consciousness" at the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Worcester on May 10; health-policy lecturer David Powell talking about "Russia Under Putin" at the Harvard Club of Cape Cod on May 18; historian of science Bridie Andrews examining the appeal of alternative medicine at the Harvard University Club of Montana on May 23 and 24; and David Cobb, head of the map collection, highlighting little-known treasures on May 24 at the Harvard Club of Louisiana. On June 21, the Harvard Club of San Francisco presents Charles Willie, Eliot professor of education emeritus, and on June 24, members of the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Vermont are invited to hear literature instructor Sharmila Sen speak in Brattleboro.

Harvard at Home

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The new, experimental venture called Harvard at Home is up and running. It offers alumni on-line access to capsule versions of lectures, courses, and events throughout the University. Already available are selections from the Alumni College program "Rediscovering Homer," led by Jones professor of Classical Greek literature Gregory Nagy; lectures by Howard Stone, McKay professor of chemical engineering and applied mechanics, and professor of chemistry and physics Eric J. Heller; and a discussion of modern library science by Nancy Cline, Larsen librarian of Harvard College. "We're very excited about having this available," says Terry Shaller, HAA senior associate director of continuing education. "The early feedback from alumni has been extraordinarily positive." Harvard at Home is accessible through, where one registers for the password-protected alumni website Post.Harvard. A menu on that site links users to Harvard at Home.

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