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New England Regional

The Glass House

September-October 2007

The following text is a sidebar to "Modern and Historic," September-October 2007.

The Glass House

New Canaan, Connecticut
203.966.8167; 866.811.4111

Visitors to the Glass House and its attendant rolling lawns have two options for guided tours: a $25 90-minute visit, or a $40 two-hour foray that allows more time to linger, sketch, and take photographs. All trips include stops at the Glass House itself, the Brick (guest) House, a glass-roofed sculpture gallery, paintings that are located in an earth berm resembling a classical tomb, and the wavy, geometric structure known as Da Monsta, Johnson’s on-site visitor’s center inspired by the work of artist and architect Frank Stella. Along the way, visitors can spot artwork by Johnson and his famous friends and take in the lovely vistas from this 47-acre wonderland of modernism. (It’s best to take the train to New Canaan, as parking is tight downtown and there is none at the Johnson site itself; a shuttle leaves from a visitors’ center across from the train station.)

Courtesy of Paul Warchol / The Glass House