Fixtures and Followers

The lists below include many of the oldest and newest Harvard Square businesses, according to information provided by the Harvard Square Business Association.


  • Cambridge Savings Bank (1834)
  • Cambridge Center for Adult Education (1876; a nonprofit, rather than a business)
  • Harvard Coop (1882)
  • Leavitt & Peirce (1883)
  • Cambridge Trust Company (1890)
  • J. August (1891)
  • La Flamme Barber Shop (1898)
  • Alice Darling Secretarial Services, Inc. (1913)
  • Felix Shoe Repair (1913)
  • Dickson Bros. True Value Hardware Store (1920)
  • Brattle Square Florist (1925)
  • The Sheraton Commander Hotel (1927)
  • Grolier Poetry Book Shop (1927)
  • Harvard Book Store (1932)


Newest (2010 and 2011)

  • Follow the Honey
  • Al’s Sandwich Shop
  • Chutney’s
  • Clover Food Lab
  • Forty Winks
  • Hotel Veritas
  • The Maharaja 
  • Otto Pizza
  • Pinkberry
  • Russell House Tavern
  • Starbucks Harvard Square (bi-level store)
  • TD Bank 
  • Zinneken’s 

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