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When free isn't free...

During its first century, Harvard Magazine was, well, a magazine. But since 1996 we’ve tried to serve you by becoming, as well:

  •  a website
  • a vigorous online news source (with timely articles reported and edited to our highest standards)
  • an email information service

All of those efforts entail costs; none of them generates significant revenue.

We thus share the problem of all news media in the digital age—a problem reported in depth in our feature “Renewing the News,” about the alumni journalists who are creating new models to sustain democracy’s lifeline to an informed citizenry in the wake of the spreading destruction of daily newspapers.

Like other reader-oriented, independent, high-quality news organizations—in our case, focused on the work and people of the Harvard University community worldwide—we depend on your support. If everyone who enjoys Harvard Magazine’s content helps to support it, we will be able to continue, and extend, our service to you. For as little as the cost of a cup of coffee, will you support Harvard Magazine? It takes only a minute. Thank you.