Web App: Add the Web App to “Favorites”

USERS OF APPLE DEVICES running iOS 7 may benefit from a new feature in Safari designed to keep frequently used websites and web apps close at hand.

This feature is similar to “Bookmarks,” but it is called “Favorites.” Follow the steps below to add Harvard Magazine’s web app to your “Favorites.”

Once configured, “Favorites” will allow you to tap into all of the web app’s features without even leaving your browser.


1. Begin by tapping the Share tool, circled below.


2. As an alternative to saving the app to your Home Screen, tap “Bookmark.”



3. IMPORTANT: Change the Location to “Favorites.”


4. When prompted, choose the “Favorites” folder.



5. An app-style icon will be added your “Favorites” screen (as pictured).



6. Whenever you wish to bring up your “Favorites” page within Safari, tap the icon for a new page.



7. Finally, tap the plus (+).



Safari “Favorites” have the effect of remembering all of your web app settings; this allows you to use the app’s many features—including offline access—without leaving your browser. As a bonus, iCloud will synchronize your shortcut (as well as your other bookmarks) to all of your Apple devices.