Too good to resist: striking natural beauty--sexy, sophisticated and completely real at the same time. Slender, lean, really cute. Adventurous, curious about everything; artist, low-key humanitarian, trailblazer. Fun-loving, athletic. Not a false note. Light of heart, open, warm with unassuming playful smile. Nature, outdoors-lover. Keen appreciator of beauty, creativity, spontaneity, delights in exploration, discovery, breathtaking vistas: Maine Coast, Cinque Terre, Whistler. Passionately loves skiing (happy as a clam on snowy mountaintop), hiking, sailing, New England, photography, architecture. Great cook, great conversationalist but not both at once unless you're up for mojitos in your coq au vin. Crazy about making a difference, giving back...youth at risk, local agriculture, teaching art. Seeking adventurous, verbal, man, 45-58 values generosity, authenticity. 617-816-1028, [email protected].

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