Good looks, quick mind, mischievous laugh and kind heart--intrigued by new adventures yet also by exploring the world of the mind. Slender, toned and athletic with Southern graciousness. Comfortable in business world (travel executive), elegant, sophisticated, stylish and outgoing, also loves creating warm nurturing home. Involved with non-profits, Outward Bound and scholarship boards. Happiest discussing political, philosophical, spiritual issues; gathering friends and family at Maine summer home; going out for dinners in Cambridge/South End or Portland; skiing Utah; golf at seaside country club; tennis often and anywhere; cruising Penobscot Bay or Caribbean. Classical music, movies, NPR-lover. Seeks accomplished, thoughtful man, East Coast/Boston/Maine area, 64-75--to share life, cultural events, travel and more. 617-492-5030 [email protected]. Prefers e-mail.