My perfect day: Waking up beside a lake or the sea; having an early walk in the quiet; enjoying companionable silence or lively banter; friendly jousting over the Scrabble board; spending a lazy afternoon; cooking dinner together; going dancing to a swing band. My typical day: Working in and around Toronto in my own business (I’m a writer and performer who’s lucky to make a good living using these skills and passions); spending time with friends and family; going to a concert or a movie; walking; and reading. Me: Flourishing-50s woman; South African born; Oxford educated; erstwhile lawyer; former journalist; lover of books, theatre, opera; cultural traveler (recently spent a month in Siena trying to fine-tune my Italian); sometime performer in community theatre productions; loyal friend; lively spirit; empathetic heart. You: Like-minded 50-65-year-old man; generous of spirit; kind of heart; open-minded; smart; self-confident; well-established; lover of words, books, and ideas; preferably living in Canada (but geography negotiable). Sound worth exploring? If so, please e-mail me at [email protected].