Slender, athletic, very easy on the eyes. Accomplished enthusiastic photographer, passionate hiker (loves Marin County for hiking --probably wouldn't do Everest). Former CEO-- small Silicon Valley companies. Adventurous, fun and funny. Casual elegance, ready smile, irreverent wit--never full of herself. Excellent traveler, true friend, public board director--innovative, charitable, open. Easygoing, curious, modest--found writing this somewhat out of character. Laid back, easy to talk to yet cosmopolitan and sophisticated. Movie-goer, animal-lover, news-junkie. Favorites: great restaurants with friends, walking my Border Collie, books on iPad, Stanford continuing studies and basketball games, African safaris, rafting/camping Alaska, photographing wild animals everywhere, revisiting Europe. Seeks active, articulate man 56 to fit 70, prefers Northern CA-area man--intelligence, street-smarts, financially stable. [email protected], 650-346-5645.