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Students crowded in University Hall’s Faculty Room, April 1969

Photograph by Daniel Pipes

Freshly developed photos from the upheavals of 1969

5.22.19 | Commencement

At the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Joe Brett—veteran and Harvard Kennedy School alumnus—addresses Ukrainian veterans of the Soviet-Afghan War. He writes, “I gave them a pin of my old unit, 24th Corps, which happens to be a blue heart on a white shield…or in this case a symbol for peace. We all wept when I gave this out with the words that it was up to us to all work for peace, now that we have met each other as brothers at this memorial…One former Soviet colonel hugged me and, with tears in his eyes, said that all soldiers should be veterans.”

Photograph courtesy of Joe Brett

A Kennedy School reunioner and Vietnam veteran stresses the need to address moral injury.

5.22.19 | Commencement

Click arrow on right for full image: German President Richard von Weizsäcker, the featured Commencement speaker in 1987—the fortieth anniversary of the historic Marshall Plan address

It helps to be a high official of a powerful European nation—and to have resonant things to say about your American allies.

5.21.19 | Commencement

Meredith Rosenthal (center) spoke about pharmaceutical marketing's role in the opioid crisis. She is  Gray professor of health economics at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. 

Photograph by Keith Tolman

A joint Harvard-University of Michigan summit addresses opioids stigma, drug marketing, and race. 

5.14.19 | News

The University discloses top employees’ pay in its annual tax filing. 

5.10.19 | News

Jorge Dominguez

Photograph by Paul Marotta/Getty Images

The former government professor was found to have engaged in sexual harassment for nearly 40 years.  

5.9.19 | News

Byerly Hall

Photograph by Kevin Grady

Scholars from diverse disciplines will spend a year devoted to research.

5.9.19 | News

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences enacts a full agenda of undergraduate academic and social policies.

5.7.19 | News

Dan Chiasson and Eric Lander
Photographs from left: courtesy of Dan Chiasson and Casey Atkins Photography/Courtesy of Broad Institute

The Broad Institute president and Wellesley poet will speak at the annual Commencement event.

5.2.19 | Commencement

Al Gore
Photograph by Seb Daly/Collision via Sportsfile

The climate-change advocate and former vice president will address graduating seniors on May 29. 

5.1.19 | Commencement