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Illustration of a city downwind from a fracking well

Illustration by Matt Chinworth


Harvard researchers find that fracking shortens the lives of elderly Americans living downwind of unconventional oil and gas wells.


Charles Berlin in the division's offices, surrounded by shipments of new material
Photograph by Stu Rosner

Charles Berlin and 60 years of collecting for Harvard Library

September-October 2022

Photograph of Milman Parry in Paris, circa 1925-1928

Parry in Paris circa 1925-1928

Photograph courtesy of the Milman Parry Collection of Oral Literature, Harvard University.


Brief life of a Homeric scholar with a big idea: 1902-1935

September-October 2022

Photograph of Phil Baczewki, a long COVID patient

Long COVID patient Phil Baczewki has been “fighting to get to a new normal every day.”

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Trying to understand infections’ persistent effects—and to develop cures

September-October 2022

A $200-million gift for the Salata Institute

September-October 2022

Illustration of two runners, one surrounded by components of a healthy diet, the other surrounded by high-sugar foods.

Illustration by Brian Gossett

Understanding “low response to training”—and searching for solutions for diabetics and others

September-October 2022

Illustration of a donkey turning a ship’s wheel away from high-rise apartment buildings in the background

Illustration by Phil Foster

The high costs of environmental, historic-preservation, and other good intentions

September-October 2022

Illustration of a two-car garage, with an electric vehicle on the left and an SUV on the right

Illustration by Vanessa Branchi

Targeting the wrong buyers—and producing more greenhouse-gas emissions

September-October 2022

Stephanie Gil

Stephanie Gil

Photograph courtesy of School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Crafting algorithms to optimize search and rescue operations, delivery drones, and more