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Headshot photograph of Ian K. Smith

Ian K. Smith
Photograph T. Smith


Ian K. Smith’s turn toward detective fiction


Illustration of a professor striving to keep up with a fast-walking elderly Hadza woman

Illustration by Serge Bloch

A biological anthropologist explains why and how exercise works to combat senescence.

September-October 2020

Book cover for Racism in America, a Reader

Book cover design by artist Cymone Wilder

Harvard University Press releases a new book, Racism in America: A Reader, free online.


A protester holding a sign that reads "ELECTORAL COLLEGE = VOTER SUPPRESSION" on November 13, 2016.

Protestors demonstrate against president-elect Donald Trump on November 13, 2016, in Philadelphia. 

Photograph by Mark Makela/Getty Images

Historian Alexander Keyssar on why the unpopular institution has prevailed 


Beds were set up for Spanish flu patients outside the Harvard-affiliated Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in 1918.
Photograph courtesy of the Brigham and Women's Hospital Archives

Fall semester interrupted, a century ago


Fragments from Callimachus, as styled by fellow poet Stephanie Burt


Ethnographer Roberto Gonzales spent 12 years following the lives of undocumented young people.

Photograph by Adam Glanzman

Sociologist Roberto Gonzales on the predicament of undocumented young people

July-August 2020

Painted portrait of a man from a Hellenistic coffin found in Egypt

(Click on arrow at right to view full image) No true likeness of Callimachus is known to exist, but the Libyan-born poet probably resembled the men whose faces appear on the Hellenistic coffins unearthed in Fayum, Egypt, including this one.

Photograph by Agis/Alamy Stock Photo

Brief life of a multifaceted poet: c. 310 B.C.E. - c. 240 B.C.E.

July-August 2020

Multiple small paper tabs, each decorated with a simple line drawing of a different facial expression

Photograph by iStock

Marjorie Garber explores the word’s complexity and history.

July-August 2020