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Photograph of two riders on horseback crossing a plain, silhouetted against the setting sun

Horsemanship appears to have played a key role in the spread of the Yamnaya people.

Photograph by istock and altered by Jennifer Carling/Harvard Magazine


New evidence on domestication of horses—and the spread of an ancient Eurasian culture


Historic portrait of Henry Clarke Warren

Henry Clarke Warren, 1879
Photograph courtesy of Harvard University Archives

Brief life of a Harvard-educated Buddhist scholar: 1854-1899

March-April 2023

Louis Deslauriers seated at a table in front of a blackboard

Louis Deslauriers

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Portrait of an expert in science education and "engaged learning"

March-April 2023

Illustration of an anthropomorphized artificial intelligence or AI breaking into a system

Illustration by Matt Chinworth

Human systems of all kinds may soon be vulnerable to subversion by artificial intelligence.

March-April 2023

In a verdant landscape sits a plate with healthy foods

Illustration by Sam Falconer

The healthiest plant-based diets are also best for the environment.

March-April 2023

An elderly couple with infirmities stand on a sidewalk with their moving boxes

Illustration by Nicole Xu

As the ranks of the elderly swell, there are too few housing options for seniors who want to “age in place.”

March-April 2023

Long COVID Symptoms
Healthy lifestyle factors may reduce the risk of long COVID symptoms, including fatigue, attention disorders, memory loss, shortness of breath, digestive disorders, and anxiety and depression.

Harvard researchers find that lifestyle factors like weight and sleep are associated with reduced risk.


Martin Luther King III and Brandon Terry seated in chairs on a large auditorium stage

Martin Luther King III (right) speaking with Harvard political theorist Brandon Terry

Photograph by Lydialyle Gibson/Harvard Magazine

Martin Luther King III on the progress yet to be made


Landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom M.L.A. ’06

Landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom M.L.A. ’06

Screenshot by Harvard Magazine

Lessons from Bangkok presented at the Harvard Graduate School of Design