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A coal burning power plant in Scottsdale, Arizona

Fine particle pollution, like that generated by coal-burning power plants, has been linked to increases in neurological disease.

Photograph by Michael Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images


Hospitalizations for neurological disease rise with increases in fine particle pollution.


The Harvard University Seal

A scholar and his student share their field’s best-known honor.


An abstract illustration of a branching tree shows the varying outcomes of government spending on programs that benefit children

Illustration by Mike Austin

Economic analysis of U.S. government spending shows that some social programs more than pay for themselves.

November-December 2020

Abstract illustration of an elderly man balanced on the edge of a half globe filled with brain gray matter

Illustration by Barbara Dekeyser

Dementia is decreasing in Europe and North America. Why not the rest of the world?

November-December 2020

Abstract illustration of a woman’s upper torso in silhouette, overlayed with small images suggesting medical research

Illustration by Mark Allen Miller

A portable, simple testing technology promises accurate breast-cancer diagnosis and treatment in low- and middle-income countries.

November-December 2020

Headshot portrait of Mayra Rivera

Mayra Rivera

Photograph by Steph Stevens

How apocalyptic narratives help make sense of the modern world

November-December 2020

Detail of a handwritten page from suffragist Susan B. Anthony’s journal, used as an example of the kinds of manuscripts volunteers are transcribing for Harvard libraries and archives.

Suffragist Susan B. Anthony’s journal displays handwriting much finer than that in many manuscripts. Who did the underlining is unknown.

Detail from: A-143, folder 8, p. 2. Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute

Volunteer transcribers help make Harvard library documents accessible.

November-December 2020

A California hillside burns

Wildfires in California are one example of climate-change damages happening now.

Photograph by Kyle Grillot/AFP via Getty Images

Coming to terms with climate change’s relentless, long-term fallout

November-December 2020

Emaciated cattle at a market in the Sahel region of Africa

Fulani herders gather in June 2019 at a cattle market in the Sahel region of Africa. Rising temperatures are making life harder in this semi-arid region, driving inhabitants to cities.

Photograph by Marco Longari /AFP via Getty Images

November-December 2020