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Six butterflies shown in infrared wavelengths of purple and pink colors

(Click on arrow at right to see full image) Butterflies of six different species, photographed in infrared wavelengths, reveal patterns unseen in visible light.

Image courtesy of Naomi Pierce and Nanfang Yu


A study reveals new dimensions to their function and beauty.


Illustration of elderly Chinese participating in activities at a senior center

Illustration by Jungyeon Roh

Can technology coupled with cultural understanding improve the health and wellness of the elderly?

January-February 2020

The Institute for World Literature expands global scholarship.

September-October 2019

Photograph of David Damrosch

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(1 of 4) David Damrosch
Photograph by Stu Rosner

David Damrosch’s literary global reach

September-October 2019

Photograph by Barcin/iStock

A new study quantifies the global impact of declines in a single nutrient in a single crop, and hints at wider impacts.


Are data from massive open online courses a crystal ball into the future of online education?

Data from Science Magazine/Chart by Lydia S.C. Rosenberg

Harvard and MIT experiences suggest a more constrained vision for massive free courses.


Angela Merkel

Photograph by 360b/Alamy Stock Photo

The German chancellor will deliver the Commencement address on May 30, 2019.


Illustration by John Holcroft

Economist William Kerr argues for streamlining immigration to attract high-skilled talent from abroad.

January-February 2019

Wind turbines in Jaisalmer, located in the state of Rajasthan, which has the highest potential electricity generation in India, and is projected to experience the greatest declines in wind-power potential.

Photograph manx_in_the_world/iStock by Getty Images

Diminishing winds may be a harbinger of further climate-change damage to come.