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Lapis lazuli pigment entrapped within the dental calculus on the lower jaw of a medieval woman.

Photograph by Christina Warinner


Tracing lapis lazuli provides evidence that women were directly involved in creating medieval illuminated manuscripts.  


Are data from massive open online courses a crystal ball into the future of online education?

Data from Science Magazine/Chart by Lydia S.C. Rosenberg

Harvard and MIT experiences suggest a more constrained vision for massive free courses.


Harvey Mansfield on the cover of Harvard Magazine in 1999.

The Kenan professor of government’s story of a dissertation published 44 years after it was accepted


Illustration by John Holcroft

Economist William Kerr argues for streamlining immigration to attract high-skilled talent from abroad.

January-February 2019

Illustration by Robert Neubecker

Cherubic features benefit black male CEOs, but not other groups, underscoring the complexity of social disadvantage.

January-February 2019

A formal wartime portrait

Photograph from the Mathew Brady Collection/Library of Congres

Brief history of the image of a hero: 1822-1885

January-February 2019

Illustration by Taylor Callery

Ethics and the dawn of decision-making machines

January-February 2019

Illustration by OstapenkoOlena/iStock by Getty

And the problem of bias

January-February 2019

Yaron Singer

Photograph courtesy of Yaron Singer

Vulnerabilities to manipulation

January-February 2019