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Genetic material from these two 8,000-year-old brothers, hunter-gatherers found near Leon, Spain, helped reveal an ancient migration across northern Spain

Photograph by Julio Manuel Vidal Encinas


Ancient DNA reveals Bronze Age replacement of Iberian men, raising new questions.


Harvey Mansfield on the cover of Harvard Magazine in 1999.

The Kenan professor of government’s story of a dissertation published 44 years after it was accepted


Illustration by John Holcroft

Economist William Kerr argues for streamlining immigration to attract high-skilled talent from abroad.

January-February 2019

Illustration by Robert Neubecker

Cherubic features benefit black male CEOs, but not other groups, underscoring the complexity of social disadvantage.

January-February 2019

A formal wartime portrait

Photograph from the Mathew Brady Collection/Library of Congres

Brief history of the image of a hero: 1822-1885

January-February 2019

Illustration by Taylor Callery

Ethics and the dawn of decision-making machines

January-February 2019

Illustration by OstapenkoOlena/iStock by Getty

And the problem of bias

January-February 2019

Yaron Singer

Photograph courtesy of Yaron Singer

Vulnerabilities to manipulation

January-February 2019

Illustration by Matt Kenyon

Economists revisit an unsettled economic policy.

January-February 2019