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Illustrated portrait of John Rawls

Illustration by David Johnson


The lasting influence and limitations of John Rawls’s political philosophy


Ellen N. La Motte as a young woman

Courtesy of the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Brief life of a bold activist: 1873-1961

July-August 2019

Chinese refugees stream through the wrecked streets of Chongqing, heavily bombed by the Japanese from 1938 to 1943 during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Photograph from Central Press/Getty Images

The parallel, perilous, histories of China and Japan

July-August 2019

Meredith Rosenthal (center) spoke about pharmaceutical marketing's role in the opioid crisis. She is  Gray professor of health economics at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. 

Photograph by Keith Tolman

A joint Harvard-University of Michigan summit addresses opioids stigma, drug marketing, and race. 


Illustration by Robert Neubecker

What the rare bright spots in American high-school education teach

May-June 2019

Illustration by Dave Cutler

Corporate reports contain clues to predicting a firm’s future performance.

May-June 2019

Illustration by David Plunkert

Ben Green warns against simple technological solutions for complex problems.

May-June 2019

Modern psychiatrists revived the effort to link mental illness to biology, begun in the 1840s by scientists like Emil Kraepelin.

Photograph Wikipedia/Public Domain

A history of psychiatry’s troubled search for the biology of mental illness

May-June 2019

Howard Gardner and Wendy Fischman, now analyzing interviews from 10 campuses

Photograph courtesy of Howard Gardner

Howard Gardner and colleagues release a seven-year study of higher education in the twenty-first century.

May-June 2019