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Six butterflies shown in infrared wavelengths of purple and pink colors

(Click on arrow at right to see full image) Butterflies of six different species, photographed in infrared wavelengths, reveal patterns unseen in visible light.

Image courtesy of Naomi Pierce and Nanfang Yu


A study reveals new dimensions to their function and beauty.


Photograph of copies of the federal budget fiscal year 2021

President Donald Trump’s fiscal 2021 U.S. budget, pre-COVID-19: add a few trillion dollars of debt
Photograph by Samuel Corum/Getty Images

The politics, policymaking, and public consequences of mounting government debt—and how to cope with it

May-June 2020

The St. Louis, Missouri, skyline on the Mississippi River with the Gateway Arch visible, as seen from across the Mississippi River in East St. Louis, Illinois

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(1 of 7) The St. Louis, Missouri, skyline on the Mississippi River, as seen from East St. Louis, Illinois 

Photograph by Visions of America/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Walter Johnson’s radical history of St. Louis

May-June 2020

Activity tracking to identify the at-risk elderly, and China’s offshore windfarm potential 

May-June 2020

Children play outside while a homeschooled child watches through a window

Illustration by Robert Neubecker

Elizabeth Bartholet highlights risks when parents have 24/7 authoritarian control over their children.

May-June 2020

In a paper aimed at fellow educators, David Malan reports on interventions designed to teach academic honesty in the wildly popular introductory computer science course he teaches at Harvard. 


Photograph by Karen Dynan

Karen Dynan
Photograph courtesy of Karen Dynan

The severe economic fallout, in context


photograph of Lizabeth Cohen

Lizabeth Cohen
Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

The urban historian is honored—for the second time.


Tommie Shelby, chair of African and African-American studies 
Photograph by Melissa Blackall 

Speakers discuss history, progress, hope, and home.