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Illustration by Jim Frazier


Could place-based policies solve regional economic and social problems?


Matthew Meselson
Photograph by Constance Brukin

A symposium honors a scientist who championed biological and chemical weapons control.


Tomiko Brown-Nagin

Photograph by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

The legal historian will become dean on July 1. 


David Shumway Jones

Photograph by John Soares/Harvard Medical School

Historian David Shumway Jones warns that the cost of precision medicine might lead to higher levels of inequality in healthcare.

May-June 2018

Dean Stanley Shaw and Dr. Deborah Schrag

From left: Courtesy of Stanley Shaw and Deborah Schrag

Physicians bring data science to bear on patient health and wellness information.

May-June 2018

Illustration by Phil Foster

Understanding the real consequences of the new tax law

May-June 2018

Mara Sidmore, artistic director of Applied Theatre Practice at the Bok Center
Photograph by Jim Harrison

A theatre troupe aims for higher ed.

May-June 2018

A deputy sheriff confronts civil-rights marchers in front of the county courthouse in Greenwood, Mississippi, in 1966. Greenwood, nicknamed “the Cotton Capital of the World,” depended heavily on slave labor in the nineteenth century and became a flashpoint for racial strife throughout the twentieth.

Photograph by Bettmann/Getty Images

A new book traces today’s politics back to chattel slavery.

May-June 2018

Illustration by Doug Panton

The digital tools advertisers rely on can be easily manipulated to influence public opinion on politics.

May-June 2018