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Photograph of two riders on horseback crossing a plain, silhouetted against the setting sun

Horsemanship appears to have played a key role in the spread of the Yamnaya people.

Photograph by istock and altered by Jennifer Carling/Harvard Magazine


New evidence on domestication of horses—and the spread of an ancient Eurasian culture


In a verdant landscape sits a plate with healthy foods

Illustration by Sam Falconer

The healthiest plant-based diets are also best for the environment.

March-April 2023

Long COVID Symptoms
Healthy lifestyle factors may reduce the risk of long COVID symptoms, including fatigue, attention disorders, memory loss, shortness of breath, digestive disorders, and anxiety and depression.

Harvard researchers find that lifestyle factors like weight and sleep are associated with reduced risk.


Stephen Treaster

Stephen Treaster

Photograph by Michael Goderre, Photographer, Boston Children’s Hospital

A genetic analysis of long-lived species of rockfish has led to fresh insights into human longevity, and a previously unappreciated pathway governing lifespan.


ExxonMobil scientists' projections of global warming were at least as good as those of government and academic scientists in the period from 1977 to 2003.

Photomontage illustration by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine; photographs by Unsplash

What fossil fuel interests knew about climate change, and when


Karin Oberg

Karin Öberg
Photograph by Stu Rosner

This astrochemist studies the chemical antecedents of life in the universe.

January-February 2023

A project to help physicians in Ukraine

January-February 2023

Romanian children in a Bucharest orphanage, circa 1995

Romanian children in a Bucharest orphanage, circa 1995

Photograph by Romano Cagnoni/Getty Images

Neglected children’s neurodevelopmental impairments persist into young adulthood.

January-February 2023

liriodendron tulipifera of Eastern North America and liriodendron chinense of Eastern Asia

Tulip trees of Eastern North America and Eastern Asia, which last shared a common ancestor 14 million years ago.

Photographs by William (Ned) Freedman

Exploring the “plant humanities” at Harvard’s Dumbarton Oaks