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Articles: Research

A sample of slime mold grows clockwise in a petri dish

A sample of Physarum polycephalum sends out slimy, finger-like tendrils to sense information about its petri dish environment.

Image courtesy of Nirosha Murugan, Levin lab, Tufts University, and Wyss Institute at Harvard University


A seemingly primitive creature’s complex ability to detect mass from a distance.


Pfizer and Moderna vaccines

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines

Photographs by Unsplash; collage by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine

A head-to-head comparison in 440,000 vaccinated veterans finds Moderna’s vaccine is slightly more effective than Pfizer’s at preventing a range of COVID-19 outcomes.


Newly elected members include a dozen Harvard faculty affiliates.



Photo of Carolyn Gold and the cover of her book, When I Died

Carolyn Gold intended her book to be a resource for other brain-injury patients.

Photograph courtesy of Carolyn Gold; photo collage by Niko Yaitanes

Alumna Carolyn Gold on finding a “new self” after West Nile encephalitis


Photograph of E.O. Wilson observing ants

Always a close observer of ant species, E.O. Wilson became a molecular scientist as well in the 1950s.

Photograph by Hugh Patrick Brown/Getty Images

How science is done, in the lab of E.O. Wilson

November-December 2021

Emily Broad Leib in front of produce

Emily Broad Leib at Cambridge’s Pemberton Farms

Photograph by Stu Rosner

Emily Broad Leib combats wasted food worldwide.

November-December 2021

Sandeep Robert Datta

Sandeep Robert Datta

Photograph by Stu Rosner

COVID-19 shines a spotlight on a once-obscure field of science.

November-December 2021

A smokestack spewing smoke with a wind turbine in its shadow

Illustration by Taylor Callery

Rather than shutting down turbines, China can harness surplus wind energy to make “green” hydrogen fuel and industrial chemicals.

November-December 2021

Illustration of a seesaw with a house on one end, and an apple, representing teaching, on the other.

Illustration by John Tomac

Home prices are a bellwether of efficient spending in local schools

November-December 2021