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Illustration of a man pushing a wheelbarrow full of petitions up the steps to Congress.

Illustration by Phil Foster


Petitioning campaigns are a vital complement to democratic voting.


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A photograph of the exterior of 60 Oxford Street, which will become a hub for quantum science and engineering at Harvard

After renovation, 60 Oxford Street will become the hub for quantum science and engineering at Harvard.

Photograph by Kristina DeMichele/Harvard Magazine. 

Renovation of 60 Oxford Street will create a quantum hub where theorists and engineers work side by side.


Photograph of earth scientist Andrew Knoll at work in the field

Knoll in the field

Photograph courtesy of Andrew Knoll

Andrew Knoll on the planet’s past—and fraught future

May-June 2021

Photograph of a carved relief showing orator dictating to a scribe, from the fourth-century Roman Temple of Hercules at Ostia Antica

An orator dictating to a scribe, Roman, 4th century, Temple of Hercules at Ostia Antica

DEA / G. DAGLI ORTI/De Agostini via Getty Images

From a huge new book on the history of information, an excerpt on the role of secretaries

May-June 2021

An illustration of people engaging in vigorous, animated dialogue

Illustration by Robert Neubecker

Active citizens are humanists.

May-June 2021

A group photo of the four Harvard undergraduates, including the author, with their project adviser and two local, older mentors

The team with mentors (from left): Kale Catchings, Percy Green, Saul Glist, Robin McDowell, Catie Barr, Jamala Rogers, and the author.

Photograph courtesy of Che R. Applewhaite

The Undergraduate learns about making knowledge mutual.

May-June 2021

Project plan showing first and proposed second phases of Enterprise Research Campus development in Allston

Tishman Speyer unveiled its vision for a second, post-2024 phase of development (outside the blue dotted line delineating the phase-one project perimeter)—encompassing an additional million square feet of office/lab and residential space.

Credit: Henning Larsen, Studio Gang, Utile, and Scape.

Bigger Allston ambitions, an admissions-lawsuit appeal, and a new center for cities

May-June 2021

Braxton Shelley sits at a keyboard

Braxton Shelley

Photograph courtesy of Braxton Shelley

A gospel scholar shapes music theory.

May-June 2021