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Genetic material from these two 8,000-year-old brothers, hunter-gatherers found near Leon, Spain, helped reveal an ancient migration across northern Spain

Photograph by Julio Manuel Vidal Encinas


Ancient DNA reveals Bronze Age replacement of Iberian men, raising new questions.


Amy Wagers

Photograph by Jon Chase/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

The skydiving Forst Family professor studies the pathophysiology of aging.

March-April 2019

Anthony Abraham Jack

Photograph by Jill Anderson

Anthony Jack’s new book on the “doubly disadvantaged”

March-April 2019

At Brigham and Women’s Hospital, physician Scott Weiner has worked to improve emergency-room guidelines for issuing opioid prescriptions.
Photograph by Jim Harrison

Medicine’s response to America’s largest public-health crisis

March-April 2019

A former pain patient warns against overcorrection in the rush to reduce opioid prescriptions.

March-April 2019

Samuel Stouffer

Photograph courtesy of Ann Stouffer Bisconti ’62.

Brief life of Samuel Stouffer, survey researcher: 1900-1960

March-April 2019

Illustration by Matt Chinworth

Unpacking “what art does to us”

March-April 2019

Enjoy an early spring stroll at Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary.

Photograph courtesy of Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary

Exploring nature through Mass Audubon

March-April 2019

Nicole Nelson
Photograph by Tony Rinaldo

Uncertainty and humanity could be key to addressing the reproducibility crisis.