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Rhodiola rosea

Photograph by Ideas_Studio/iStock


Research links a Rhodiola rosea extract to enhanced memory.


From left, Presidents M. Roy Wilson, M.D. ’80, of Wayne State University and Lawrence S. Bacow of Harvard and Mary Kramer, director of the economic-development forum, speaking on higher education in Detroit on September 14.
Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

President Bacow listens (and builds partnerships) in Michigan.


Illustration by Jim Frazier

Could place-based policies solve regional economic and social problems?

September-October 2018

Illustration by Sam Falconer

New research on extinctions shows that their ecological impact can’t be measured in numbers of species lost.

September-October 2018

Illustration by Martin Hargreaves

In the antebellum South, slavery was paired with modern business practices.

September-October 2018

Durba Mitra

Photograph courtesy of Durba Mitra

Harvard’s first professor appointed solely in gender studies

September-October 2018

Every human-powered vehicle must stand the test of traveling on asphalt, through mud, and into the Merrimack River.

Photograph by Lucinana Calvin/Courtesy of the Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race

Watch human-powered machines prevail—or not—in Lowell.

September-October 2018

Image gift of Laurence K. Marshall and Lorna J. Marshall ©President and Fellows of Harvard College, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. PM# 2001.29.641

Family snapshots of living off the land, in the Kalahari

September-October 2018

Gerald López on a pedestrian bridge two blocks from his childhood home in East Los Angeles. For him, rebellious lawyering is not just a legal theory, but a way of being.

Photograph by Coral von Zumwalt

Gerald López’s radical theory—and practice

September-October 2018